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  • Hard top rebuild question

    My hard top is soft on the underside and it sags on the topside the core which is i assume wood must be mush( alot of fittings on top were not seald right). My question is after i grind off the seperated glass and remove the core i will be left with a shell. now what??? do i make a new core out of wood or should i use kledgecel also does anybody think that the sag will right itself once a new core is installed or will i have to make some miniature stingers so it holds its shape i am planning on painting the underside a sand color so i want a more finished surface- right now it has a ruff appearence cloth showing through do i use filler once i have done my glass work. how do i suck the new core up to the shell. i have never tackled anything this big.. sorry for all the rambling questions.
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    I'm making an educated guess here, without pix's.[8D]

    I'm betting that the skin will lose it's shape after the core is removed.

    I'd take some measurements and notes before you cut it apart. With these notes in hand I'd build a mold. It's not that hard to do and there are examples of molds on Ringleaders and my project sites.

    As to redoing it. Vacuum is your friend. If you used plywood it would need to be a couple of layers of thin stuff laminated together in the mold. It would be heavy, so I wouldn't do that.

    Kledgecell, Divenacell or Nidacore are all good products for this.

    3/4in thick core will give you a nice piece.

    Just the hardtop to have one built is about $700 depending on size. Shipping could be costly. There is a guy in my town that I trust to build a nice top. I would put his up aginst anyone's for strength and lightweight. Dawson Boat's in Pensacola. He use's Nidacore most of the time.