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  • 254 Mystery

    According to my HIN and registration

    I've recently acquired a 1982 mako 254.

    However, according to makos website they didn't start building them

    until 1984.

    Anybody care to chime in on this mako history?

    BTW the easter bunny is dropping the mako in the water today.

    Hopefully, we'll have some flounder for easter dinner
    82 254[br]Brick, NJ

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    Hey TT-

    My buddy has a Mako 254 as well and I think his hull identification number says it is a 83 but the title says 1984. The bottom line is that your 254 could have been made at the end of the calendar year in 1982 even though it did not become a new model officially until 1983 or 1984.

    Oh yeah...that boat is a battle wagon. Supposedly when the 254 was introduced Mako was trying to go after some of the law enforcement business that Boston Whaler had the lock on at the time and as a result, they really over built the boat. Of course this is all rumor but it does give you a little bit of history.


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      Thanks Ed

      This is my third mako and while all were built well,

      this one is like the proverbial brick $#%*house.
      82 254[br]Brick, NJ


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        Have a 86 254 w twin 200 yams, boat rides like a 30footer

        You're gonna love it.

        Why someone has not popped a mold off of that hull and started making them again I don't know
        Tunatamer 1986 254 Mako Sarasota,Fl.