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silicone removal (warthog5 link)

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  • silicone removal (warthog5 link)

    guys ive done the search and cant seem to find the correct keywords. a month ago, maybe two warthog 5 posted a picture of a product that removes sealant. i want to say it was a spray can. i have some spots on nonskid that i dont want to scrape and also some rounded areas that wont wont take to a scraper well. im assuming acetone will clean it up nicely afterward but i need something to cut this stuff first. does anyone remember the thread and can they post up that link. thanks guys.
    wantagh, new york 86 238

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    I used goof off and it worled out well.

    Apply it liberlly and let it sit for a few hours

    If that doesn't woork 3M makes a silicone remover

    But I'm an amatuer, and will let the master chime in.
    82 254[br]Brick, NJ


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      The 3M adhesive disolver works very well. It comes in a red and white spray can and is carried by either Boat U.S. or boaters world. I removed all my teak on my 254 and found that most of the silicone peeled right off. Be sure to let it absorb first before any removal. I have also heard of people using lighter fluid for removing silicone, but I personally wouldn't recomend it. It also works very well in warmer temperatures. Hope this helps.
      Baltimore, MD


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        Goof off does the trick for me too.


        MuchoFish[br]Miami, FL[br]


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          much appreciated gentlemen.
          wantagh, new york 86 238