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224 owners, fuel line questions

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  • 224 owners, fuel line questions

    Just bought a 1985 Mako 224 and love the boat, but it has been, lets say, not had stuff taken care of for awhile. I need to run new fuel hose,and vent hose, these are cracked pretty bad, they seem to be the originals. First question, do I need to remove the coffin cover,and if I do how much work is involved. Is it sealed or just screwed down, or can I just use the inspection plate to change hoses. 2nd. Que, what size is the I.D. sizes of the hoses so I can buy them before I pull the others out, I would like to use the hoses as a "something" to pull the new ones through with. Also I would like to do some kind of fuel gauge before covering up the tank. It has an electric fuel gauge there now, but it doesn't work. Does anyone know of a good unit to replace the other one with. I think I will need to replace both ends, sender and gauge. I really don't want to go with one of the expensive "fuel flow devices" Any help, experiences, or advice is wanted Thanks Don [)]
    Don Flowers[br]Port Lavaca, Tx.[br]Mako 224 1985 \"Godspeed\"[br]Yamaha 175

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    Hey Don-

    FOr the fuel fill and vents lines, you may not have to pull the cover but it would sure make the work a lot easier because there is not much room under there and the fuel fill line is pretty thick. As for the fuel line that runs to the motor....I replaced mine without having to remove the cover but it definitely was a knuckle buster and took a lot of patience.



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      You should remove the cover either way. If nothing else to inspect the fuel tank and the hatch. When I got my 224 that was one of the first things I did and it was a good thing. The foam surrounding the tank was saturated with water and the hatch was beginning to rot and needed some attention.

      AS for the fuel gauge I replaced mine with a Navman Fuel flow meter.

      It would also be a good idea to replace the gasket on the tank sending unit even if you are not going to use the sending unit. Take it from me mine failed and it took a week with the hatch opened up for the gas fumes to get out of the foam.


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        [)][)]I guess a little piece of mind is a good thing. I will pull the cover, and see whats there. As far as the Navman, I was looking at the 2100 and I think I can get it for about $155.0 How has your navman worked for you, and how much trouble was it to raise the cover once screws removed, was there a lot of prying involved? Don
        Don Flowers[br]Port Lavaca, Tx.[br]Mako 224 1985 \"Godspeed\"[br]Yamaha 175


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          The Navman is great.

          The hatch will come right out once you have all the screws out. Remove the 12" x 12" square inspection plate and you have a good place to lift.


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            On my 21 there is no way you could change the hoses without pulling the entire coffin hatch. the inspection area is just to small. Those hoses are only about 18 inches long on mine. The rest of the run is made out of aluminum piping. That aluminum piping needs to be inspected real close. you may not need to completly remove your console but tip it up on its right side. and suspend it. This way you dont have to remove your steering assy. You still will have a few wires to deal with. The hatch is sealed down and will have to be cut with a knive best you can. /Then pried up carefully. The Id on my fuel fill hose was 1.5 inches. the vent Id was 5/8. Your Gauge assy was probably made by rochester gauges. and sold to the tank manufacture(florida marine tanks) My sugestion for gauge parts is to get them from bypass the middleman and his markup. you probably have a m6200 series gauge. you will know when you look at the site. The other alternative on the fuel deal is a complete fuel gauge package from one of the retail stores or mail order.. Hope this helps. dave. BTW I bet you a cold soda a naveman fuel management system for 140 bucks would pay for itself in short order with todays fuel prices. You will have 50 or so in a new elect. gauge setup. dave.


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              I want to install the NavMan and want to know of the connections necessary. I have a 1973Mako with the old mechanical gauge. Fuel tanks and fittings were not standardized at that time and just wanted to know if there was anything specific that I should know before ordering. Thanks

              jbsmako '73 23' mako



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                Take upthe hatch. All hoses are right on top and you can get to the fill hose and vent through the inspection plate on the gunnel. You need to see the top of the tank. I bought my 224 cheap cause the guy thought it needed a new tank.. only the breather hose neck on the tank was corroded. Cleaned it up slipped the hose on a little, new hose clamp, done.

                Taking the hatch off a 224 is easy, some others require you pull the console.

                Good luck.


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                  Thanks for the help, gonna start the inspection and hose change this weekend. Will try to post some pictures. [)][)][)]
                  Don Flowers[br]Port Lavaca, Tx.[br]Mako 224 1985 \"Godspeed\"[br]Yamaha 175