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Trailer tire recommendations?

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  • Trailer tire recommendations?

    I began prepping the trailer for my trip to Wachapreague in 2 weeks yesterday. This year I decided to rip out the entire braking system and start from scratch. New actuator, new lines, new flush kit and new drums at each well. Yes, I chose the drums on purpose. [smile] In the process of removing the old crap, to get ready to bolt on the new, I discovered an deep gash in the tread of one of my tires. This gash has opened up to a point below the bottom of the tread. There was some slight damage in the same area when I bought the trailer a few years ago, but over the years it has gotten worse. I had it checked when I bought it and was given an A-OK, but that ain't true anymore. So now I gotta spend more $$$$$.

    My trailer is an old single axle EZ-Loader. The axle is not original and is set up to accomodate a 16.5" rim. I remember reading here that Goodyear Marathons come highly recommended for trailers, but those aren't made in the size I need, which is 8.75 - 16.5 LT.

    The current tires are Kelly-Springfield. The seem to be holding up well and they tow very nicely. Should I stick with these, or is there another brand that is recommended?


    BTW - the gash looks to have been caused by something that got lodged in between the tire and wheel. I don't think it was a manufacturing defect or an indication of tire quality.
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    I highly recommend the Towmaster line of tires. I have herd some nightmare stories about Goodyear tires that have come apart on the highway and have destroyed boat and trailer fenders. Even though, this is the tire that’s on my trailer now. But that’s because the tires are brand new. And when I need tiers I will be replacing them with Towmaster’s
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      The marathons are considered one of the nicest tires out there. There has been a lot of debate on THT about tires and seems it comes down to a ford vs. chevy debate. I put Carylse tires on mine two years ago and have not had a problem, but I do check my tires before hooking up my boat and at least every 50 miles on a long trip. Which ever you get, I HIGHLY recommend you get them balanced. If this is something you didn't do before, you will wonder why you didn't!!
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