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    I've been lurking on this board for a couple of weeks. There is lots of fantastic info here and you guys take your Makos seriously (understandably). I got turned onto the brand fishing my buddies 22.

    I've owned a 96 232 since 2000, purchased out of Fla. I run the boat on the Chesapeake bay and love the hull. Closed transom and relatively dry. 19 degree of deadrise just enought to cut sloppy seas yet has a decent drift to it. Given the quality issues that I've read about on THT I seem to have hit it lucky on the year and have had no major issues with the hull. The Merc on the otherhand with its overheating alarm gave me fits now for about a season and half and now its the oil alarm. Aside from this the boat is a dream to run and given that its my first boat I seem to have gotten lucky. Primary use is stripped bass fishing and running the family around when its not too rough.

    Do you guys mind if I ask a couple of questions? The hull tends to purpoise a bit, and runs better with the tabs down a snitch, and can't take too much trim out on the engine, particularly coming out of the hole? I assume that's just the way the hull is? Also, the tabs are recessed so there is no retrofit of larger tabs? No way to put trolling tabs on the boat? Also, given the porpoising tendency, when the current Merc gives out, is it possible to replace with a four stroke or is that too much weight? Any insight would be appreciated and I look forward to participating in the board. Thanks, Joe
    Fishing on Double Haul, Chesapeake Bay

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    Hi Joe, welcome. Im not realy up on that boat but I might guess and say that your motor may be set to high.


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      Motor set too high would be my first guess also. How does it act from dead rest to getting on her hard to get on plane? Any cavitation? The other thing you may try is changing props. Word is the Mercs tend to be a little picky on pitch, blade #, cup, etc.

      If you put several people in the bow or stern, does the porpoising stop?
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