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  • onboard battery charging system

    I am looking to install an onboard battery charger on the boat. I have three batteries that I would like to charge. One for each motor and one for the electronics. What size (amp)system would be adequate? Any other info would be appreciated.

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    my opinion =

    30amp maximum, 3bank, 3stage charger. The label will read as follows: 10/10/10

    a 20amp that is 10/5/5 would be better but I don't think they exist.
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      Be careful if you have battery integrators or isolators with certain on board chargers. If you have 3 batteries (2 starting and 1 house I assume) and they are connected via integrator/isolator, you don't want to have leads to batteries on each side of the isolator/integrator. The charger leads should only connect where the alternator leads from the engine connect. This will let the integrator/isolator do it's job properly without conflict. Again, best to check the charger's specifications and make calls if necessary. My system:

      Quest 10/10

      2 port batteries (house and starting) with isolator

      2 starboard batteries (house and starting) with isolator

      The terminals for the charger are connected to the starting batteries, same as my alternator leads. This is also is conjunction with the proper on/off switch to isolate the port from the starboard while charging.
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        Check out the minnkota charger's. 3yr warranty.

        I put a MK220 on my neighbors 17 Key West.

        I bought a MK440 for my boat. That thing is huge and heavy.

        No I've got to figure out where to put it.[]


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          what we install down here is mainly dual pro. this is the only namebrand that has held up over the years. ive worked there 6yrs now, and have seen motorguide/minnkota/guest/duracharge all come and go. now the only two we stock is dual pro and stealth. my last dual pro was going on 5yrs when I sold the boat, and my coworkers is pushing 10now.

          as stated above, each bank equals one battery. dual pro makes them either 5amps per bank or 10amps per bank. and ask for one with a s.s. bracket instead of the painted ones.
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            I think those stealths are the way to go. AC and DC charging to as many batteries as you want

            Mark - I had a long converstation with Tom Mahoney about those not too long ago. He loves his.
            1975 23\' Tampa,FL


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              the stealth works great, especially if you have a trolling motor system. I fished a few redfish tours last year and the boat we ran had it on there. you could kill the batteries, run a little ways and have some juice back in them.
              Tampa/St.Augustine FL[br]retired: T.A. Mahoney Co.[br]Full time student Flagler College[br]


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                I have boiled some batteries dry with on-board chargers left in place for more than a couple of weeks. I now only plug mine in about once a week when I'm not regulary using the boat. I started out with a Bass pro shop brand, and now have a Guest, I had the same problem with both.
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                  if im not mistaken, thats because both of those namebrands will trickle charge your batteries after they are topped off. thats ok, if you plan on turing off the charger after a day. the dual pro will shut off, once it is charged and turn on every now and then to check the voltage of the batteries. last winter, I left my charger plugged in for about 3months(hunting season) will no ill effect to the batteries.
                  Tampa/St.Augustine FL[br]retired: T.A. Mahoney Co.[br]Full time student Flagler College[br]