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Raw water live well on 1986 21'

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  • Raw water live well on 1986 21'

    I just recently purchased my 1986 21B, and love everything about it except the fact there is no good place to put a live well. I have a lean post behind the console, with ice chest access from the rear of it. I have a 23gal above deck tank a would like to use, but the only logical place to put it is immediately behind the lean post. I am tossing around ideas on how to make the in-hull stern tank into a raw water live well, but there are many water flow issue to be ironed out, and I would rather not go that route. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    Remove the leaning post and add a leaning post baitwell. You'll have to decide what to do for cooler storage however.
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      The livewell is not a problem. Getting the plumbing to it is the major headace.


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        I rigged a in floor well on a mako of about that size before. If I remember correctly, i used the drain on the bottom of the tank as the intake(put a clamshell over it to direct the flow). and put an overflow at the top of the well, just under the floor. I then ran the 1.5in line out the transom via a s.s. thruhull/shutoff valve. it came out pretty good. and as long as you let gravity do the work for you on the overflow it will drain properly. i.e. measure the waterline.

        I also added an highspeed scoop/strainer/shutoff valve for the intake.
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          How does the original bait well on the 21 work? I know that water flows in when at rest. Does this offer sufficient recirulation of the old water? Do you have to plug it when you come on plane?
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            I put a leaning post / livewell combo on my 221. It's really nice, but the guy I use for fabrication spent two days plumbing it. Lots of foam and very little room to work with. He had to cut the in-floor fishbox to gain access.

            It works really nicely, though.
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              Water seeks it's own level. With the valve open when drifting the tank fills to the waterline, when underway the tank will drain a little, and at drift will fill again. It gets some water exchange this way but not nearly enough, so most folks come up with some wonderful ways to help it out, one is by plumbing a thru hull with a pump. Water is pumped in and drains cause it is seeking it's own level.


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                I can understand that but if you pump the water into the factory livewell, it has no drain. Must one intall this drain or just let it over flow onto the deck?

                I am thinking about cutting into the fill/drain line after the ball valve and installing a wash down pump. Anyone ever done that?
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                  I incorperated a washdown pump that draws water from either the raw water inlet or the factory in-floor livewell, depending on position of 2 ball-valves. I then plumbed the output of the washdown pump to a fitting inside one of my fishlockers(ones in the back alongside).

                  Now at this point I can hook a hose up to this fitting and spray the boat deck off or i can fill this fish locker(with plug in bottom) up to a simple brass thru-hull that overflows into the splaswell area and drains out. I have a screen on the overflow thru-hull to keep my minnows from escaping. When I pull the boat out I have aprox 15 gallons of clean water in the infloor livewell to wash the scum off before it sets up. dave
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