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  • line-x

    hi guys seen this on "" using line-x as a non skid deck paint. i dont know if this product comes in colors. has anyone ever heard of this being used. when going to veiw other site click on photo scroll down to line-x
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    I've heard of it, but have never seen it in person. The boat your refering to, I don't like. It sure made it look like a work boat, just throw it together. Everything is shot with it. The whole inside of the boat and the console. Kind'a reminds me of a car, painted with a brush.[xx(]


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      I thought about using it and decided against. Mainly because I had extra awlgrip to use up and the cost of the linex was substantial. Also they add a water base color to the linex to make it the color you want otherwise you get just plain gray. I was not sure how long the color would hold up (i wanted white)Plus I would not be the one putting it on.... their monkeys would be doing that and I dont like not being in control of my own boat. That said I've seen some real nice ones done a while back on THT that were prepped well before hand.

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        I don't have first hand knowledge but I asked a Line-x rep about marine applications. He said you would need to prime the deck and then an application of line-x could be done. They have a choice of colors but he mentioned the colors wouldn't hold up. Black would turn grey, Blue would turn baby blue, Red would be pink,,, White would grey out as well. So I wouldn't touch this stuff. Doesn't sound like the stuff keeps it's color. I'm sure it's fine for Automotive applications etc but I really don't get a warm feeling about using it on my boat. Just my 2cents.

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          thanks for your reply's . I thought with all the weights & jigs hitting the deck this might be ticket. but it must look good to.I'am going to try some test peices with Interdeck and see how that go's.
          cinnaminson new jersey 23\' Mako Iboard


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            Another option
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