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  • Question about boat slip

    I have a 96' 17. I may have a nice (i.e. cheap) offer from a private home owner to use his slip for the 2005 season (May 05-Oct 05). It will be in New Jersey (Avalon, New Jersey). Saltwater. Here is the catch. At low tide the boat will be sitting on the bottom. Should I have concerns about the boat/hull (other than the obvious- that I won't be able to get in or out certain times of the day). Thanks for all feedback.


    Haffonfield, NJ

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    gmarino,I did that several years ago and swore I'd never do it again just because of the grime on the'll get better reasons than this. By the way I think your finger got in the way when typing your town.should that be haddonfield?[(#)] dave
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      At low water at my dock, my 17 sits on bottom all the time. All the time this happens: the boat is floating, but not when I jump down on it... so I push it away and let it drift out before putting the motor down.

      I didn't use any fancy bottom paints... just the West Marine CPP. In fact, I painted it on the trailer and did NOT take the time to move it back and paint the spots under the rollers. I had NO growth to speak of.

      Does the bottom get deeper farther away from the dock? Would you be able to convince the homeowner to let you use some sort of mooring whip?
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        Yea. That's Haddonfield. In a hurry and didn't proof it. Thanks for the feedback. Looks like I am going to put it in a marina in Sea Isle City to avoid the issue.