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  • Teak

    A boat I'm looking at has had all the teak replaced w/ starboard. If I get this boat, I would like to replace all the teak in the next few years. Is there somewhere that I can get these parts? Or would I have to make a trip to Marine Connection Liquidators?
    Columbia, SC

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    I don't know all the answer's to this question, but the ideal way to do it is find someone with the same boat that want's to swap.

    Teak here is $18bdft.


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      I'm a little confused...;

      "If I get this boat, I would like to replace all the teak in the next few years."

      I thought you said the boat had all the teak already replaced? Or are you wanting to go back to teak?

      If you're looking for teak, Marine Liquidators in Fort Pierce has tons, but it's just all thrown in together and not separated by manufacturer. They might have some pieces you can use.

      Your best bet is to post your boats model and year and ask if folks have some laying around from their conversions from teak to starboard.

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        Sorry, should have said I want to replace the starboard with teak.
        Columbia, SC


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          Wish I had it,I'd swap you in a minuite. dave[]
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            I got teak but not not swapping it out[:x)]

            Working with that stuff is nasty on the tooling. It's worth every carbide tooth[]
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              There is no doubt that well taken care of teak is the best looking accent you can add to a boat. I'm sure I'll be able to find someone to swap.
              Columbia, SC


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                i am taking all of the teak off of my 254, and am going to make hatches, hatch railing, etc. out of starboard. i will not be using the teak. i have some, but i don't know how much you need or how good of shape it needs to be in....i just bought the boat and the teak has never been maintained i don't believe. it is not in good shape, however it may be salvagable (sp). give me a call if you are interested.



                hartsville, sc
                1984 MAKO 254[br]Hartsville, SC


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                  Thanks BadHabit. If I get the boat, I'll give you a call.
                  Columbia, SC


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                    My recommendations for you is to keep all the Starboard in a safe place after you have made the switch to teak. The reason is you will find that keeping that teak up over the years is a pain in the backside. You may want to put the Starboard back on only after the first year. Another point is that you most likely will not be able to find exact replacements made out of teak for your specific boat and will need to custom build each piece out of teak. At $18 to $20+ a board ft that will be a real expensive and time consuming project. Over the last 4 years I have replaced all the teak on my boat and love it. Most people think I bought a "kit" and just put it on in place of the teak. They don't know that each piece was hand built to fit and replace the orginial teak piece. The Starboard dosen't get dirty and there is "Zero" maintance - that's more time for me to fish. But I also still have all the orginial teak for the person that buys the boat if they want to convert it back. Hope this hepls -

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                      I have a 254 with all original teak in decent shape and I'll trade for starboard if you want teak.