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    I have a '79 Mako center console that I'm trying to sell and someone asked me what the transom dead rise was on the boat. I don't have a clue and Tracker the people that own Mako don't either on that age boat. I was wondering if someone here might know the answer. By the way the boat is a 23'.

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    What model do you have?

    Most of that type of info can be found at, but deadrise for the '79 model year isn't given. I believe all models from 20' to 23' (aside from the 23' inboard) were 19 degrees. The 17' was around 12 degrees and the 25' was a true deep vee @ 23 degrees.
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      [88][88][88][88]Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha oh god.......[88][88][88]Why am I not shocked that Tracker Marine does't know about the boats they sell....[(#)][(#)][(#)][(#)]You gotta love that!
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        That's what happens when the 'Bean Counters' take over a company and their only concern is to CUT COST!!! MAKE THEM CHEAPER!!!! They seem to forget what they're actually making a 'BOAT!' I suspect MRAY73's call was mis-directed (shock face!). Tracker should have been able to answer his/her question as a 79' isn't that old. Tracker should be able to answer any tech question relative to any Mako model made - they're now the 'company'.

        I suspect that MRAY73's call just didn't make it through to Tracker's Engineering Dept. Oh' wait a minute - does Tracker still have an Engineering Dept? Everyone reading on ClassicMako.Com already knows that Tracker has eliminated their Warranty Dept. We'll have to check into this...
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