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  • Mako 195 ?

    Hey all ! new to the site but not to boating. I am looking at buying a 195 dual console and was wondering if anyone has one out there. I have looked a several mfgs but I keep coming back to the Mako......hmmm ? I would love to pick one up used but I don't think that will happen anytime soon here in frozen Mich. Although if the price was right I would pick it up or have it shipped. Anyway I am dying to get some first hand feedback on performance handling ect from those who know.


    Sam [8D]

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    I bought one recently, a 2000 with little use on it. It is sitting on the side of the house and have been waiting for the weather to get better before I take it out. Check out, there was a review by one owner that you might want to read.