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  • Repowering CC261

    Just a caution to anyone considering repowering an open transom Mako CC261 and perhapes any other open transom boats. A number of NEMOC ( Northeast Mako Owners Club) members with 1987 and newer 261's have repowerd with the curret crop of new more efficient outboard engines.

    After the fact, each learned a hard lesson. The new engines far outweigh the older units being replaced resulting in the scuppers (drain holes for those who are lubbers) normally above the water line when at rest, with the old mills, are now submerged with the heavier engines.

    Each of the repowerd Makos ran into the problem of water flooding the deck when at rest. Altough you can go down by the stern, for the most part you reach an equlibrium and don't sink, but I sure don't recomend the condition!

    Most of the Makos were originally equipped with 200 HP twins. My 1988 Johnsons weighed in at 455# each. The current crop of 200HP Fichts are about 100# (ea) heavier, Yamahas even heavier and the 4 stroke Mercs are Yamies in a black cloak. The real obese beast, though one hel of an engine is the 600#+ 4 stroke Honda.

    Adding weight to the bow really doesn't do anything but add weight and really doesn't lift the stern. One of our guys with Mako 285 closed in the transom and added a bracket in order to solve the problem.

    My solution was to purchase two power heads and repower that way afte approximately 1200 hrs. It took a few weeks to tear them down sand the cowls and lower units and spray Imron for a super looking job. In the process I rebuilt the carbs, replaced the VRO pumps and other items. New gaskets, water pumps and some broken bolts and we were back up and running.

    If any one has better solution please pass it along.

    Capt. Vic
    Capt. Vic[br]Six O Stretch 261CC T200 Js[br]Glimmer Glass/ Manasquan/ Milltown, NJ[br]<i></i>

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    A friend of mine repowered his with two 175s FICHTS. The boat had plenty of power and less weight than the original 200 yamis.


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      Waiting for the new & lighter E-Tec big blocks!!

      See ya at the next meeting Vic.


      (hey, by the way, thanks for the rocks...but did ya get around to the ledge yet[][]???? Great board, huh?)
      1990 261 T/2001 200 HPDIs[br]Basking Ridge/Mantoloking NJ[br]


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        Hey Capt Vic-

        Never knew that there was a northeast mako owners club. I was thinking of starting a New England Mako owners club but it looks like you guys have it covered. Do you guys have a website/discussion forum? Where are you located?

        I am out of the Boston area and am friendly with many, many Mako owners. I also work at a resto shop that specializes in Makos.



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          No website. Most of the guys fish out of Squan, a few out of Shark River. Meetings are once a month, Harpoon Willy's in Brielle in the winter, PP outside in the warmer months. A couple tourneys, clam/lobster bake, and good company.

          Wish someone would put a website together. There are a ton of makos around but I dont think many know of NEMOC
          1990 261 T/2001 200 HPDIs[br]Basking Ridge/Mantoloking NJ[br]


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            Would there be any problem with making a couple new scuppers an inch or two higher than the originals, then plugging the old ones off? I have this problem with the 200 yamahas on a 254 when fully loaded with fuel and people. Thinking about making a couple of those oval scuppers just above the original ones.
            Pompano Beach, FL[br]1985 254 w/ twin 200 yamis 1995[br]


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              I used to know a couple of guys that were docked at the OLD Sportsman's Island Marina (no idea what it is now...going towards the meadows it is under the 70 bridge, past Chapman's and next marina on the left....I guess it's not Chapman's anymore that used to have Makos that they liked to striper fish with off the Shrewsbury Rocks. The names of the 2 that I remember were the COLD DUCK and the PENCIL POPPER, there were 4 or 5 more but I don't recall the names. I was just wondering if they are still around....haven't seen them in years. Thought they might be a member of your club. My Dad still has his 25 and fishes regularly. You might even know The name of the boat is the Cheerio. He used to be president on the Jersey Coast Shark Anglers on Herbertsville Rd. Maybe you can look them up and get a joint club fishing tournament going. They have all kinds of tournaments all year long, not just shark tournaments. I don't recall when their meetings are, but the bar is open every
              James Havanki[br]Great Mills[br]Southern Maryland[br]1973 22\' still \"in-work\"


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                RE: PENCIL POPPER he sold the Mako at least 12 - 15 years ago and went to a larger Brand X , he chartered for a while but haven't seen or heard from him in a long time. Used to see both of them (Cold Duck) on Shrewsbury Rocks working spoons and rigs for big bass. Don't know what happened to Cold Duck.

                Chapmans is now Petersons directly across the river from McCarthy's Marine & Harpoon Willies.

                The Northeast Mako Club is primarily a Jersey group but open to any Mako owner and family. As stated above we meet monthly except December, currently 3rd Wednesday at Harpoon Willies in Brielle, Oct / Apr. May / Sept we meet on the same schedule but usually at the local Mako Dealers outdoors for BBQ, hams & hots, and a brew or two. This coming Saturday (3/6/04) we hold an awards, new officer installation dinner /dance at a local night spot. Severl tournaments are held during the summer Mako/ Grady-White shoot out, Mako/boston Whaler fluke tournament and in September the biggest lobster, clam, roast chicken, and shrimp scampi out door feast in the area.

                Other than that we do a lot of fishing for fun & talk Mako. Unfortunately we used to have some great Funaments but with the almost demise of Mako in the '90s the Funaments went down hill. A lot of that had to do with the dealer turnover in this area over the last ten years.

                The Funament held by The Bait Shop in Rowayton, CT (Five Mile River) is a great event. I've gone up there on my own bottom about 3+ hour run. Fish the LI Sound for 2 days and eat a lot of good food. If you have a chance give it a try.

                Capt. Vic

                Six O Stretch

                Milltown / Manasquan (Gilimmer Glass), NJ
                Capt. Vic[br]Six O Stretch 261CC T200 Js[br]Glimmer Glass/ Manasquan/ Milltown, NJ[br]<i></i>


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                  Capt. Vic,

                  Interesting. And thanks. I'm a new owner of a 1988 CC261 repowered with twin 1997 Evinrude Ocean Pros and I have always wondered about just exactly where the waterline should be relative to the scuppers on this boat. With mine, the water level is just about exactly at the bottom of tube, maybe a little bit over the bottom when the boat is carrying a full tank of fuel. I'm going to assume that it too was originally powered with Evinrudes which means that the waterline is pretty much right where it should be.

                  Dave Godwin[br]1988 Mako 261


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                    thats about right. Mine is right at the bottom of the scupper frame. Fill it with fuel and flood the well I use All of it.
                    1990 261 T/2001 200 HPDIs[br]Basking Ridge/Mantoloking NJ[br]


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                      Capt Vic,

                      I just talked to my Dad this morming and he is interested in contacting you guys about your club. Currently he is an active member of Jersey Coast Shark Anglers and was president a few years ago. He told me that you guys had a joint club tournament years back, and he knew some of the guys in your club. He thought one the guys he knew was one of the founding members. He couldn't remember his name, but he said that he , unfortunately, passed away in a diving accident a few years ago. I am passing along his e-mail address. Maybe you can contact him about some club stuff. You can also find him at Comstocks in the parts room.

                      [email protected]
                      James Havanki[br]Great Mills[br]Southern Maryland[br]1973 22\' still \"in-work\"


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                        The person your dad reffered to was Capt. Greg Venturo who did in fact die in a diving accident. he was not a founding member of NEMOC but was a Mako dealer (Northeast Sportfishing). The club was formed 1987 just prior to his taking on the Mako franchise. he became our sponsor and we met at his facility. I knew him well -- he was agreat guy and a very knowedgeable diver, fisherman and boat rigger. He died diving for lobster -- he had been down with a buddy (only two on the boat) both in the water and both came back up to unload. Greg wanted to make a second dive, his partner didn't, Greg went down and didn't come back up. Tha CG found his remains a day later. We buried his ashes at sea -- must have been 50 boats early one evening.

                        If you dad is interested in the club have him give me a call at 732-821-8810 or just show up at ameeting at Harpoon Willies at 6:30PM on the thrid Wednesday of the month.


                        Capt. Vic[br]Six O Stretch 261CC T200 Js[br]Glimmer Glass/ Manasquan/ Milltown, NJ[br]<i></i>


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                          OK, I currently own a 1988 261CC. I am the original owner still with my original Yamaha 200 hp engines. I will probably be re-powering next year. My engines weigh 395 lbs each. Yamaha 200hp HPDI's weigh 470 lbs each. I do not feel that this extra 150 lbs is enough to push the transom under the current water line. 4-Stroke 200 hp Yamahas weigh 570 lbs, which puts them out of the ball park. Please let me know what you guys think. Thanks.