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1974 MAKO 20" transom ?

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  • 1974 MAKO 20" transom ?

    Hello... I got a good deal on a 200 evin 25" shaft and want to mount it on the 20" transom will this work out alright with a jack plate 4-5" out and 4" slot adjustment also with the 15 degree wedge, I had a hard time getting the 20" engine to hook up without the 15 degree wedge & hydrofoil fin and my planing plate was even with keel, thanks for any info.

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    Get Reel - I've heard of people building up the transom to make it 25". A jackplate might work as well but you definitely need to get the motor up another five inches or it will be too low in the water and cause an awful lot of drag. If it were me I'd trade it for a 20" motor so you don't have to worry about trying to make it fit.
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      Get Reel This would be a good time to raise the transom.

      I'll bet you could pay someone to do it for a little more than the jackplate would cost. The other benefit would be to help keep the water from washing over the transom.

      It would definetly be cleaner looking.