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I spent some money today

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  • I spent some money today

    I ordered my motor bracket. I ordered it from

    It's for twin's w/ full swim platform. The motors will be on 28in centers, "V" bottom to match the deadrise, 2- 6in Armstrong acess ports, ladder bracket added.

    Twin Bracket w/ 6ft wide platform = $1450

    Armstrong plates included

    "V" bottom add = $150

    Ladder Bracket = $75


    $1675 no tax no shipping

    I will pick up in Miss. 2hr ride

    No Paint and No mounting holes drilled. No installation kit. I can get all of that cheap.

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    "I spent some money today" he says...

    I should say you did! []

    I'm guessing yours is this model?

    Looking forward to the photo updates!
    Capt Kevin ~~~><((((*>[br][br] 2520 MVSC \"Chesapeake Edition\"[br]Annapolis, Maryland[br]


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      You are correct.[]

      Spent some more today. HeHe 2- DF140's


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        I can't belive nobody made a comment on this tonight?

        My head was so big yesterday, I could hardly get thru the door.[]


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          Power. URRRRR!!!! Must have BIG POWER!!!! Good looking power plants there Bobby!
          Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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            The pix are not coming up on my computer, don't know if its just mine or what. I coudn't tell what they were really.
            1975 23\' Tampa,FL


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              I cant see the pictures either.....but congrats bobby. Spending money is always fun, especially on new POWER! Will not be long now.....
              Greenwich, NJ[br]1976 22B


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                Thanks guy's. They are 10hr Demo motors. Hope the X's go away.


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                  yeah, me too. Pat may be pulling out his hair judging by the other thread running in the shark tank.....
                  Greenwich, NJ[br]1976 22B


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                    Did you already get them to your house,I would like to come by and take a peek???????????? I can't see any pics
                    Gulf Breeze Fl.


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                      I don't understand.... I can see them at my house. But on Pats server.... I gets nothing!
                      Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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                        No, they are in WI. The check went in the mail yesterday at noon.

                        I will let you know when they arive.[]

                        See if you can see them here;



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                          I see them at the hulltruth site,very nice.Are you going to leave those dolfin things on??
                          Gulf Breeze Fl.


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                            Congrats on the new power plants. As for the pic thing, I saw them yesterday just fine. Last night I got red x's. Today they show up fine. Who knows? I tried ImageStation also when I tried to post pics of my project last week. I think you could see em but most others couldnt. Might be some sort thing where you have to be logged in order to share pics or whatever, I dont know. But I did learn about pic hosting and pic sharing inthat process. From what I can tell, , in my opinion is about the best and easiest one to use. The site was built solely for the purpose of sharing pictures so there is no restricting of page links. This site even generates the codes for you so all you have to do is copy and paste. Can even resize pics with ease without uploading again. Pretty simple and easy to use. Check it out.
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                              The DoleFins will be removed. They put them on there for the Cat's. No place to put trim tabs.