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  • Fuel consumption help

    I have a 2000 192 with a 150 Merc EFI and I have not been able to find any range or fuel/rpm consumption charts or information. It has a 80 gallon fuel tank and the engine is well maintaned. I would just like to know at what rpm is it most efficient so I can determine the range. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    You can do this with a lot of experimentation or purchase a fuel flow meter to really find out.
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      One way to tell is to hook up a separate 6 gallon tank (carry on) and go for a ride and calculate it. A good econmical cruise is to pop the boat on a plane and back off a little. For me in a 20" with a 200 Yamaha, WOT is about 5400 rpm, when I back off to 4500 rpm I can get a lot more milage from the tank.

      My simple $0.02.

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        The Navman 3100 fuel monitoring system provides the same solution as the flowscan, but 1/2 the price.
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          On a 1985 GW 204 center console, my carb'ed '02 Merc. 150 burns 6.5 gal/hr at 3600 and 7.5 gal/hr at 4000. Speeds are roughly 22 kts at 3600 and 25 kts at 4000. My avg. economy at cruise is 3.75 mpg.

          Trolling offshore at 6kts, I'm burning about 2 gal/hr.

          She seems to be most efficient in the high 3000s, low 4000s.

          Fuel consumption numbers are from a Navman fuel flow meter and this is spinning an aluminum 15 x 17 3-blade.
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