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Water in Fuel tank cavity

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  • Water in Fuel tank cavity

    I have noticed that some of the caulking is missing

    around the panel over the fuel tank cavity.

    Does water have a way to exit the cavity thru the

    bilge once it has entered ? I would like to know

    that I do not have a swimming pool below deck.

    I would rather not pull up the panel for inspection if

    not required considering the center console will need to

    come off.

    Please advise.

    As always, I appreciate your input

    Capt Bobb

    1994 Mako 191

    Cape Cod/Boston

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    There is foam in that cavity holding the tank in. That foam will get saturated. This in turn will hold moisture next to the tank. The is no way for the water to get drained from that area.

    This is why it's important to take care of the bedding/sealing of hatch's.

    Your worst fear's have come true. You will need to pull it apart and inspect. This may be a very good time to do a tank replacement.


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      Thank you for the advice. I will move forward

      and inspect.

      I have a lot of non-boating projects going currently.

      Looking at the project, I would guess 3 man hours to

      unbolt console, steering, shifts, limited electronics


      If water has found its way below then time will

      go up expotentially depending on required repairs.

      Am I accurate on the initial time estimate ? I have

      all necessary tools and my skill base falls closer

      to rocket scientist than village idiot.

      Capt Bobb

      Mako 191


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        [] What ever you figure, it's usually 2 1/2 times longer. Anything less and you've done good. The easy part is taking it apart.


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          I have make that 2 times for my project 25 cc. First time was 2 hrs to take all the T top, CC and controls. Second time was easier... But put it back is the triky part. Bolts and holes dosnt match perfectly. To take the tank out is what will eat you alive. Check the forum for foam related topics... It help me to remove mine. When you seal it up, doit right to avoid to doit again!I will have to do mine again!


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            The boat is 100 miles away. I would like to know

            before I pull the boat home to start the project.

            I think I need to pull the console out to remove

            the hatch over the fuel tank. I think the console

            is mounted over the hatch if memory serves me correctly.

            Does anybody know ?

            In advance thanks for taking time to advise

            Capt Bobb

            Mako 1993 191


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              According to the owners manual of my 1991 Mako 231, the small seacock/thru-hull fitting on the extreme starboard side of the transom is connected to a hose that supposedly drains the gas tank coffin area in the event that water or gas gets trapped.

              I have visually confirmed that the seacock and hose are on my boat and lead toward the general vicinity of the gas tank coffin area, but since I have not had to remove my console and replace my gas tank as of yet, I cannot confirm 100% that this feature does exist. It might be something that all of you may want to look into on your respective boats.


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                After purchasing my 84' 238 we had the gas tank polished and the sending unit replaced. Luckily the foam surrounding the gas tank was dry. While diging out the sending unit I dug two troughs that run from the sending unit area to the rear towards the bilge. So if any water gets through it will hopefully run down the troughs and into the bilge. A year later I installed a 40 gallon live well in the cockpit and had to remove the floor again. The foam was still perfectly dry.

                1984 238[br]Mission Viejo, California