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  • 1977 Mako 20


    recently I came across a 1977 Mako 20' center console with an 87 mercury 150. Now ive been looking for one of this model for quite sometime. I know many people who own these and they seem to love them. I not a big merc guy but I can get the boat, motor and trailer for 4 grand so im game. Now im no dumby I work around boats and outboards everyday but I am a little worried. I know that mako is known for a soft deck and stern. So I did the transom tests and she is solid as hell in the stern. The deck was all good except I noticed the Starboard side of the console was a little soft. This is not a big deal but I dont like it. There is no quick fix, on this so I guess I have to cut the deck and replace it, and then open a huge can of worms with possible stringer damage. So is it worth it to buy this and try n fix or keep on looking for something else. I plan to repower this summer. So the motor isnt an issue for me but I dont want a big headache

    thanks for any information

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    Hey I got the boat for you. 20' 1977 Mako needs tlc 3000.00 no significant damage but a guy in your field can do alot with this one.Its in Westville NJ and I want to move it soon.I bought it from a marina because it was left there in the water and nobody knew what to do with it.I got clear title last week and I dont want it to sit any more(a Mako shouldn't sit,it's to sad).Im pretty firm on the price but if you want to talk my number is 856 782 2202