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    This is a follow up to one of my last posts "ok, I'm nuts".

    We did manage to get the trailer out and install new guide-ons and re-rig the lights after doing so. Double checked everything and my two friends departed MA last night around 11pm and drove through the night to Moorehead NC to pick up there new (1993) Mako 20. They made great time transiting the NY to DC stretch during the early hours today.

    I talked with them a little bit ago and they did a quick sea trial, loaded up and are headed home. Should arrive back Sat early in the morning, provided the snow does not slow them down too much.

    I guess they did very well and the boat is rock solid and only needs wax and other little TLC items. I know they will be reading this when they return. The 1600 trek was very worth while as they were very dissappointed with the prices and offerings around here.

    I'm sure we'll be hearing from them in the near future.

    David M
    Current Mqko - 1990 Mako 211 w/2006 250 E-TEC. [br]- Previous Makos 1987 20C, 1979 23\' IB, 1970s 17 Angler

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    I know the feeling.. I drove all the way to Key West to get my Mako. 16+ hours each way! Was that a long trip with an empty trailer one way!
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      I bought my first Mako in Houstin Texas, it was a 22 hour each way trip. We did it on a labor day weekend. Took turns sleeping in the back of the suburban. Was def. a road trip to remember. dave.
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        I bought mine in Miami sight unseen to me but had a friend check it out. Drove by myself from Cape Cod to NC/SC border non stop (except for fuel and food). I took a 3 hr nap there and then went non stop to Miami. Stayed there for 2 days then headed north and picked my father up in Jacksonville and we drove nonstop till we got home. It was by far the most uneventful road trip i've ever been on even going through NY at 4 pm. Not one hassel. 26 hrs south including the nap and 31 hours towing the boat north.
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          mine was the same 1000 miles one way few hours sleep an run back home. my son and I did it 17' . then the wife an I ran to west Texas 600 miles one way. no sleep an came home 19'
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            Wow, this thread could get interesting, Mako road trips, weve all done it. Cant wait to here some of the other stories. dave
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              I drove 200 miles one way - Corpus to Houston - to get my '94 171 (400 miles total. I got it in good condition with a trailer and no motor with a bimini, custom console cover, fishfinder, etc., for $2K. Hung a new Suzi 140 4 stroke off the back of it and it's been great.
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                Wow, I did not know so many others did the same. 6 years ago I made the trek. I found my 20 (located in Ft Lauderdale) on Boat Trader and called right away. They guy immediately discounted my interest when he learned I was in MA. Over the week we talked several times and he sent many images, until one Friday he called and told me he had a offer at just below asking, so I offered him full asking over the phone and FedExed a bank check for 50% that day, he could have been playing me, but the price was unheard of compared to the local market in MA. One week later I flew in Tampa, rented an Excusion, stopped by my sisters, so she could come with me and drove down to pick it up (BTW - you are not supposed to tow with a rental, it's in the agreement and I took a big chance).

                When we got to the guys house, he was so proud of his boat and it was on the trailer. He had removed it from the covered lift in his backward where it had spent it's life since new. I could not believe how proud the guy was of the condition and he poured through the receipts for every penny ever spent on the boat and explained the boat has very few hours because he also had 45' sport fisherman and the ride from his house to the open ocean took too long becasue of the manatees. I was more than happy to hand over the remaining 50% owed and head north.

                I got the boat back to the Tampa area and stored it at my sisters. 3 months later I had it trailered back by someone visiting my sister who drive down.

                That's my story and I'm very happy and still ahead of the game with the savings. I did stay in touch with the seller for at least one year after and told him to contact me if he ever has another Mako he intends to sell.

                David M
                Current Mqko - 1990 Mako 211 w/2006 250 E-TEC. [br]- Previous Makos 1987 20C, 1979 23\' IB, 1970s 17 Angler


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                  Glad to see I'm not the only crazy one out there. Purchased my new girl about a month ago. She's a 1995 232 Mako with a 2000 Yamaha 225. Found her at in St. Pete Fla. This guy also kept the boat on a lift behind his house. The owner had to buy a new trailer just so he could sell the boat. The trailer is a 2005 Performance aluminum float on. Bottom has never been painted. Went through the same process of asking for pictures and asking questions. Committed to the boat on the phone, sent a wire transfer to the broker and made the trip for a sea trial. From Eastern NC a 775 mile road trip one way. Left home Friday afternoon, drove all evening stopped and spent Friday night just outside St. Pete. We got up Sat. morning met the broker at the owners house, sea trialed the boat and fell in love. I signed the paperwork hauled the boat and we were back on the road headed back to North Carolina by lunch time. Thats the longest distance I have ever trailered a boat. Made for a tiring weekend but was worth the trip. Now the process will begin to get her the way I want her. Several of you guys have been real helpful so far giving me ideas and pointing me in the right direction. Just a short thanks to everyone. This has been a great site and resource for me. Keep it up!!
                  1995 Mako 232, 1988 MAKO 171, New Bern, North Carolina


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                    I had to go all of forty to fifty feet... there was a 17 with plants growing in it (sort of like Gary's 19) in my neighbor's yard. The return trip was the worst, though. I had to go all the way around the block to get it to my driveway! [:x)][:x)]
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                      Ah road trips, there almost as good as what your going for. Mine started out in early 04' looking online at mako's since there wasnt any here on the west coast for sale. Alot in Florida area but Im in SD cal. My wife is a flight attendent so she says talks cheap if you want one lets go.So I e-mailed and spoke to some prospective sellers after narrowing down what I was looking for and set up some appointments in the same areas (best I could). We flew in on the red-eye to west palm Beach and friday morning we checked out 3 of them. They were ok nothing special. We then flew from there to Tampa and had 3 set up for saturday morning. Got a hotel for the night and set out early am to check them out. The 1st one I saw was a 83' mako 224, Old electronics,91'200hp evinrude, Bilge had a little water and no sign of gas, transom was structurally sound no cracks or stress. I was in love so much potential and I could set it up how I wanted to. So I made him an offer and he countered and we split the difference. Now what. Before coming out here I inquired about shipping it home about 2 grand. Then I checked out renting a moving truck to tow it home about 1,600.00 so as I was making the purchase my wife was calling rental places there and got them down to 800.00. So we booked a 24' truck with towing package and went to pick it up after dropping off the rental car. when we got there they said the truck they booked for us wasnt in yet so they were going to give us there biggest one for the same price. I looked at it and said no the truck alone was 30' long plus another 30' for the boat dont think so. Then the clouds parted way, and the sun shown down, I even think the wind backed off, and a little midsize newer truck pulled into the lot.This was it only change was the price. This one would be 365.00 for the trip. So we put our 2 bags in the back and went to pick up our newest family member. When we got there the guy had all the equipment laid out. Anchors, line, pfd's, electronics, spare parts, outriggers, cushions, spare tires for the trailer, tie-down straps etc. Loaded everything in the back and secured the boat down for the trip and set off. stopped and got supplies and a change of clothes and left. We started out sunday aft and got back to SD on fri aft. 5 days of driving about 600+ mi a day. 1 flat (in the parking lot)a smooth trip. Had the boat about 2 years and have it set up how I want it. DEFFENITLY worth the trip!!!


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                        Great story,

                        I just had to drive an hour south to Freeport, Tx. Bought mine from the original owner. Best trip my daughter and I have made together. We got home and momma was impressed. A lot of memories have been made with my girls.
                        Larry Smith[br]Pasadena, Tx[br]\'97 Mako 191


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                          I first "discovered" Mako's @ Lake Powell, where there are a small "fleet" (actually only three) of Mako 224's with twin 2-strokes, being used as recovery/tow boats by the more remote marina's.

                          My fishing buddies & I drooled over them for a few seasons, before I got tired of getting soaking wet, (not to mention the kidney bruises) in my little 18.5 ft runabout, and went in search of a suitable Mako.

                          I found mine on the internet, located in Toledo, Ohio approx. 20 miles from where it was sold new in Sandusky. After reviewing many photo's,a nd having a buddy who lives in Detroit go down to look it over for me, I made the deal over the phone with the "2nd" owner, and headed off to Toledo arriving the day after Xmas three years ago.

                          When I arrived in Toledo, it was already 8 degrees below zero, wind blowing about 15-20 mph, with forecast for a "Artic Clipper" to be hitting Toledo within the next hour... AND the seller wants to know if I want to hear it run... I replied, not only no, but H_ _ _ NO!, I'm already freezing my A_ _ off, just hooking up the trailer, and want to get headed south ASAPossible, to hopefully avoid the worst of the storm... (WRONG !!)

                          What I got was a decent hull, a worn-out motor, a trailer which was too small, (it had 2000lb axles, 13 inch tires rated for 950lb max capacity, trailer wiring shot (almost non-existent), and NO brakes !!

                          The photo's I had seen did NOT show much of the trailer, but my "former" buddy, AND the seller had informed me before I drove up, that it was the original trailer, and was in "fine shape"... Another "WRONG"...

                          Anyway, I wanted a Mako so badly (I had been looking for nearly 2 years... they are VERY hard to find in Arizona), I took on the challenge and towed it home through some pretty foul weather. The initial leg of the trip from Toledo to St. Louis, was at approx. minus 10 degrees, to as warm as zero degrees and snowing hard enough to make the roads a snot-slippery mess.

                          Somewhere between Toledo and Fort Wayne, I lost count of the numbers of vehicles in the ditches (many of which were overturned), and the numbers of 18-wheeled rigs jack-knifed in the ditches I also lost count of.

                          It made me depressed to see all the 4-wheel drive vehicles upside down in the ditches, and here I was was towing what I later weighed and found to be a 6300 lb boat/trailer combo, with a 2-wheel drive pickup, this "death-trap" trailer with "too small" tires, and no brakes (I discovered the too-small axles "later").

                          After 22 hours, I over-nited in St. Louis area, and had "clearer" weather through to Kansas City, and south to Oklahoma City. Then about 1/2 way to Amarillo, I ran into a "freak" storm, which first dropped freezing rain, then topped that off with about 6" of snow and sleet. The 145 miles from Santa Rosa NM, to Albequerque took nearly 26 hours.

                          Total round trip was a tad over 4800 miles, and enough near-misses, and "almost bought it" stories to last me a life-time, and to keep the grandkids "locked in rapt attention" on my knees for many more years to come... At least until they get tired of G-Pa's stories...

                          Let's just say that when I finally got this "rolling death trap" home here in Arizona, ALL 6 tires (Including the two spares I bought along the way...) were bald... Yep... "to-the-cords" bald...

                          I discovered the axles "bent" due to the over-loading, causing the tires to run on the inside of the tread ONLY... Seems, that somewhere in West Texas, I discovered that potholes covered in snow are just as deep as when not covered in snow...

                          SO... the 1st order of business upon returning home was the total rebuild of the trailer. Replacement of the axles, springs, tires, BRAKES, etc... (5000lb axles with 4" drop), lengthening of the trailer frame (3 additional feet), and a total re-wire and re-paint.

                          SO MANY memories of that trip... sigh... Just glad to be here, and finally getting my Mako sorted out to fit my needs...
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                            I did the eastern shore of va to hilton head s.c 8 hours each way by myself, but it was a fun trip home towing the new rig.
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                              I found my 94' Mako model 201 on the internet after about a 3-6 month search. When you do your homework, the good boats stand out.

                              South Jersey to Southern coastal N.Carolina and back.

                              Approx 550 miles. Great boat. Worth the time, and effort to put it

                              all together.

                              After all the preliminaries, we left N.C at 2:30 am, and I was in my driveway with my new to me boat by 3pm.