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    I am repowering my 231 w/ a new Yami! Thanks for everyones input. As usual I tend to over analyze everyhting....Trim Tabs...I want to install tabs and was thinking the Bennett M120 was the way to go...wondering if they are too small? Any feed back would be great.

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    Resending this out...getting closer to picking out the trim tabs...still wondering if a 12" x 12" tab is the right size on a 231 and looking for recommendations on Bennett vs Lenco products..Thanks


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      You're dead on in realizing you need trim tabs -- too many pluses to list. As far as which brand to get; Bennett's or Lenco's -- you'll find people advocating both brands.

      I personally like Bennetts -- they're relatively easy to install and operate. The M120s should be fine.
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        M120's would probably work just fine, but when it comes to trim tabs, I've never heard anyone say "my tabs are too big".

        If you have room for larger tabs, go for it. I removed 12 x 12's from my boat and replaced them with 24 x 9's, and the results were dramatic.

        One thing to remember about the M80 and M120's... The 'batwing' design does give the performance of a larger (flat) tab, so if the space on your transom is limited, the Sport Tabs are a good way to gain a little extra lift.

        The best price I was able to find when shopping for my tabs was at

        Good luck!
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          I've got a 231 with the Bennett 120's. Works great. My HPU motor quit on me late last season and there was a huge difference in getting up on plane without them. Plus I don't fish with the samllest of men, so not being able to offset the weight side to side was a pain when the motor was down. BTW, dealing with Bennett support on the motor was great. I finally found the original receipt, called Bennett and had a new motor on hand within a week. Bennett gets my vote.
          Danny Facciola[br]1987 231 Suzuki 225[br]Edgewater, MD


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            Yep, Kevin is right. The bigger the better. []

            Bennett gets my vote also. I purchased a USED set of 12x9 tabs with absolutely no clue how old they were. I needed a few parts so I contacted Tom McGow at Bennett ("Tabman" to be more specific) and was sent exactly what I needed under Bennett's "extended warranty".

            They were fairly simple to install and were a much needed improvement.

            The 12x9s proved to be a bit too small so I replaced the trim planes with 12x12s. Better, but still not a good as it could be. I noticed a lot of water escaping around the sides of the planes. What many people don't know, is that Bennett offers "drop fins" that can be mounted on each side of standard tabs to simulate the bat-wing design of the Sport Tabs. I've got a set in my basement waiting to be installed. I have no doubt they put me exactly where I want to be in terms of tab performance.
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              I agree with the rest.[] GW do you have any pix's of the Bennett "drop fins"?


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                What about the Bennett Trimtabs that don't have the individual adjusters at the helm? I know someone that has a set for sale. but didn't know if they were of any value or not.

                If they are more hassle than they are worth I'll pass on 'em.

                I have been thinking about a pair for AnnieII?

                Thoughts on the Bennett non-electric adjustable tabs?

                What is the correct name/term for them anyway?
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                  Bobby, I'll try to grab a shot or two of the fins in the next few days. Before I knew about them, I asked Tabman his opinion of making them myself. He responded with a part no. [] I think they were about $15 for a set.

                  Annie2, don't waste you time with those things. Get the adjustable hydraulic ones.
                  Brian[br]St. Leonard, MD


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                    Just my $.02 I would go with the Linco's. Have had experience with both, and Linco's are faster, cleaner and a no brainer to install. The pump unit on the Bennett tabs is outdated and inevitability will need to be replaced. every other season. If you get more use than that you will be lucky. As far as size bigger is better, but 12 x 12 would be adequate.