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    On my 21' 1979 Mako, I have the standard mechanical type guage mounted on top of the tank which I can see under the center console. I would like to be able to convert that to a digital signal for my dash guage that came with my 96 225 Evinrude. I have called the manufacturer of the tank and they act like it cant be done. West Marine sells a capsule for this, but wont fit my sending unit bolt pattern. Anyone ever done this??

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    Get a flowscan or a navman fuel computer and REAllY know how much fuel you have. Cost diff b/t the sender and the navman probably isnt even that much.
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      mitch mako 21 - I have had both - the simple mechanical and the electrical. For my money, if it's already working well and you have confidence in the mechanical gage (as I did for 20 years) use it and stop worring about complicating things. I now hate my electrical gage and this spring I am gong back to a mechanical gas gage. I hate, hate, hate the electrical set up. Simple is good on a boat. However, I do agree that a Flowscam or Navman fuel management system are great for a double check on how much fuel you have used and for exter trip data, like miles per gallon or gallons per hour etc. They are a bit pricy but well worth it when you need to know how much fuel you have left for the long trip home.

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        Just went thru this, your gauge setup is made by rochester gauges out of texas, go to and you will find a conversion kit for your setup. or you can purchass a new gauge capsuel for the one you have.(mechanical) You probably have a

        6200 series gauge. It is the "senior" gauge. Part number 5002s00062.

        Thats the number for the replacement mech. style. the elect. conversion is also listed. There phone number is 1-972-241-2161

        Hope this helps dave.
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          Thanks guys. I will call them and see about it.


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            Good fine Dave.

            That one need's to go on the list.[]