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Mako 248 and 240 Specs ???

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  • Mako 248 and 240 Specs ???

    Hello all again. I am in the process of buying a Mako. Leaning toward 25CC but got a great deal on a like new 248 in front of me. The 25 will require some mods for my needs like transom height and fuel cap and top. I've been getting a wealth of info from members so far,,, thanks. The 1988 248 I'm looking at needs nothing but motors and possibly control cables. Here's my latest delima. lists the 88 248 as 3000 lbs, no deadrise given, length of 24'7", hp rating 280, shaft length 25/28.5. An 89 240 is 3600 pounds, 23 degree deadrise, lenght 24'6" and hp rating of 280 with 25" shaft length. What I am trying to figure out is what the actual differences are between the 240 and 248 boats. I have reports from 240 owners on performance and so forth but don't really know if I can apply that to the 248. The main questions I need answered are: What is the deadrise on the 248? What is the approx weight of the 248? Can I hang my 25" engines on with no mods? What is the true length of that hull, is the anchor pulpit included in the length? Can't figure out why a 24.6 length 8.5 beam is only rated for 280hp. Also, can't figure out why the 240 would be 600 pounds heavier.

    Basically, I want the 25 but the price is high on the one I'm looking at and once I do the mods I'm gonna be looking at a pile of money. If the 248 will give a decent ride and I can just hang the engines on I'm going that route,,,I think,,, and keep my eye out for a less expensive 25, just gotta get something quick for this season, my current boat is making my chiropractor rich,,, [8)]

    Once agian, thanks in advance for the help. Already called mako and was redirected to a dealer that didn't know, imagine that...
    John[br]Lafayette, La[br]

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    Boy this is really confusing! There is a descrepency between what the catalogs from those years say and what the site says. Have you inspected these boats personally? My guess is they are either the same or one (the heavier one) is a full transom and the other one is not. However, here is what the catalog says


    1989 offered only the 250 but it came as a notched transom or a full transom:

    I hope this helps and does not confuse further. But that is what the catalogs for each of those model yeasrs indicated. In the end I don't think there will be much different in the deadrise of either of these boats. Good luck.

    Columbus, Georgia[br]1973 Mako 17 angler \"Reel\'s Angler\"


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      No, didn't get first hand look yet, boat is far away. Both the 248 adn 240 have enclosed transoms and the ones I've seen both had the dual engine brackets. Yes, it is confusing but the catalog images helped because it does say next to * "not including pulpit". So I guess that narrows the mystery down a little. I appreciate the info. Will post as I get more info. A few knowlegdeable 24x owners here so I'm sure they will set us straight... Also, any fuel consumption estimate will be welcome.
      John[br]Lafayette, La[br]


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        There used to be a 248 at the marina I use over in St. Pete and from comparing the data above to what I recall, I believe the hulls are the same -- difference is the bracket.

        The Mako 248 I saw over at Johns Pass Marina had a full bolt on bracket -- not sure if it was an Armstrong or not. Several I've seen on the Boat Trader are the same. The 240 has a Gil bracket -- sort of an OMC Sea Drive kind of operation, with no platform. The pictures above seem to confirm that.

        Hope it works out. If you go look at it, post pictures!

        Prop Blast[br]Mako 224, F225[br]Tampa, FL


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          I have an 89 240 with twin 130 yammers my boat performs well but i also wonder why it was not rated for v-6 power. i have only seen pictures of a 248 but the boat looks the same. i am just an island hopper and do a lot of pleasure boating -- i also am a hard core fisherman but i do most of it in an 18 skiff inshore -- i know it is goofy but i love big boats -- grew up on my fathers 40 foot egg but i hate offshore fishing. i can't help you any on fuel consumption -- a tank last me forever --i run to the islands here on the eastern shore and back and thats about it -- only about 5 miles each way-
          1991 18 ft parker[br]previous mako 1989 240[br]1989 231[br]1974 20.... whats left of it


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            Did you ever find the answer to all of your questions? I am looking at the 248 for a possible purchase as well.
            St. Pete, FL


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              Doug, I ended getting another boat. You found one yet. If not you may want to look at the one I was going to buy. Needed work, I still have photos. Title issues that could have been easily worked out, just too far away from me. Was in Miami so St. Pete not too bad.

              PS: Ever hang out at the Blue Shark []
              John[br]Lafayette, La[br]