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17 Angler Transom??

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  • 17 Angler Transom??

    Any angler owners ever have a problem with water coming over the transom? I have an 82, 17ft angler and whenever I pole it or have 2 guys in the back at once the water comes over the back and into the bilge. I thought of adding 5 or 6 inches of height to the transom or raising the bilge hatch. Any suggestions??

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    I have the same concern on my Angler. One of my plans for this Spring is to improve the bilge and replumb where the bilge flushes out. Currently the bilge just moves the water back to the engine well. I'm going to move to the side of the boat. Also, the placement of the access pannel is in a bad spot. I was thinking an Amstrong hatch or more of a water proof hatch would be nice. I've alway though my Angler was a bit heavy in stern. I think a few refinement will help this design issue greatly.

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      Hey Makodog. If you look at the project boats section you will see that almost everybody on this forum has rebuilt, or are in the process of rebuilding, their transom. That low transom is my only complaint with Mako. Anyway, I've got mine stripped down to the outer skin only now and plan on building the transom up in the next few days. Good lick!
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        My Standard has a little less fiberglass in the back without that extra fishbox, but I still get water over the transom if I cut the throttle and come off plane quick.

        If you're going to mess with the transom, you might as well close it off and bracketize. That's what I'll do when mine breaks and my motor goes in the water, but probably not until then! [:x)]
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