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    I have a 79 17foot mako and it has the plastic steering wheel and I am looking to switch it to the metal one any suggestions also the steering is very tight on my boat I have a 90hp yammaha on it any thoughts on what to do the boat has only been run in fresh water. I have greased the bearing on the motor and it still appears to be hard to turn any help would be great
    Kyle Drake 1979 171 mako with 90 yam, Dallas Tx

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    I've been looking to upgrade the Steering wheel on my 17 as well. I haven't done it yet but I was concidering a 13 1/2 inch destroyer type wheel. The one's I've seen run around 90 bucks or so. Keep in mind if you have a trottle control next too the wheel the clearence between the outside rim and the throttle. That's why a 13 1/2.

    The hard steering could be obviously the cables showing wear. It could also be that the cables are kinked somewhere between the helm & the motor. Does the hard sterring happen at all speeds?

    Post a picture if you have one.



    PS; post your location in the signature section of your profile. You might find people local to you that can help. ***check that, just show your existing signature you've already set up...[] ***
    Tim[br]1981 19 (project)[br]prior 1978 17 angler (sold)[br]


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      I bought this one.

      The hard steering is probely due to rust in the steering tube. Romove the cable from the tube. Use a block of wood and a hammer if nessassary to knock it back thru. Use a 12ga shotgun brush on a drill motor and spray WD-40 or CRC in there while your honing it. I'd suggest on of the sealed fitting's with the zerk fitting in it, when you go back together.


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        Bobby, you got a link to the separate knobs? I'm not interested in the Edson knobs: too expensive.
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          Surplus Unlimited had some for about $20. I don't see them on their website. Give them a call.

          Surplus Unlimited

          613 W. International Speedway Blvd.

          Daytona Beach, FL 32114

          Discount Marine and Boating Supplies

          Call 1-800-842-5403, Fax (386) 254-4833

          (386) 252-5019


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            See if you like this one. $18.99



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              Thanks guys I will try all the idea's the boat steering issue happens at all speeds and has a hard time turning all the way left to the lock postion. the old stering wheel has the mako marine on it and is brown plastic that has been painted black and bad news the paint is comeing off bigtime. after I get this all taken care of I am going for a bimi and then switch the single chair in back out to a leaning post or something just no mako guys in and around the Dallas, TX area I will post some pics of the boat asap it is cherry []
              Kyle Drake 1979 171 mako with 90 yam, Dallas Tx


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                I have a used (but in good condition) 15" SS destroyer wheel from my boat. $25 plus shipping cost if anyone is interested.
                Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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                  ringleader i am interested in it do you have a number where I can give you a call at
                  Kyle Drake 1979 171 mako with 90 yam, Dallas Tx


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                    Email me... I'll give you my digits. [email protected]

                    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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                      I just upgraded to a Schmitt wheel that has the powerknob and finger grips in the stainless wheel. I found one,90766F,86596F for about $50 less than the chain stores. You will like the price. Shipped from the west coast and arrived in MA in 4 days.

                      David M
                      Current Mqko - 1990 Mako 211 w/2006 250 E-TEC. [br]- Previous Makos 1987 20C, 1979 23\' IB, 1970s 17 Angler