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1983 17 classic rebuild

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  • 1983 17 classic rebuild

    greetings fellow mako owners. I am the proud new owner of an '83 17 classic in need of some work. the boat has been kept outside in the florida sun since she was originally purchsed. the fuel tank is full of holes and the deck has a soft spot on the port side just in front of the console which is hopefully just the fiberglass deck coming loose from the ribs? I have removed the fuel tank and I need to find a place to make or buy a new one, any suggestions? Its a 35 gallon tank made by florida marine tanks. any recomendations on aluminum, stainless, or plastic. I would also like to rewire the lights and all the console switches as the are basically useless except for the ignition switch.

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    CONGRATS on your great little boat,I got a 17 not to long ago myself.Before I go on,you should post your name and town before BossHog gets to ya[]Any way I'm replacing my tank aswell.Ordering from ATLANTIC COASTAL WELDING,5 day turn around,epoxy coated,marine grade aluminum(5052).I recommend An aluminum tank, most of the poly tanks or plastic tanks do not have baffles,keeps fuel from sloshing back and forth.The port side floor should be inspected while you change the tank, could be serious delamination of the floor stringer.Rewire after you get the first couple things done,It's gonna be longer than you expect.Post some pictures,more people can help.


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      Ash, welcome welcome welcome. I'm always glad to see another 17 owner.

      As for your deck/rib problem, try this, if you can: My 17 has an inspection port just forward of the motor, between the livewells. If you've got one, stick your arm in up to the elbow and root around... I think you'll find that your stringers don't go up to the floor. I know this sounds wayyy off base and it may just be that the stringers don't come up to the floor just in the back. Either way, a soft spot means water intrusion, and not much else. [:-(]
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        I see you are in Tampa, so a good place to get a new tank is Mattson and Company and their phone number is 813-248-8265
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          Good luck on the restoration. Any pictures of the past work? I'm heading for a new stringer/fuel tank/deck replaement myself. Look forward to seeing progress on your new to you 17. Angler or standard?


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