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Value of 1989 Mako 17'

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  • Value of 1989 Mako 17'

    First of all, I love this site. I believe I have become hooked on the older mako's. I'm looking for my first boat and have one in sight. I feel that the 17 will be a very economical boat to run.

    What do you guys think the value of a 1989 17' Mako w/ 1998 115 Johnson and aluminum trailer should be. Asking price is $7000. Does anyone have this boat? What kind of speeds should I get see with this combination? 40mph? I've always read that trim tabs will help the ride of any boat. Does the 17 need them?
    Columbia, SC

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    trailer condition? electronics? general condition of boat. newer engine runs up the price. i have 17' 91 hull with a 90 115 yamaha with gps and new fishfinder with new aluminum trailer. paid 5000. 115 is great engine for boat pushes it just fine..though some would say look for a 130. many variables determine price including geography which may mean please update your profile to include city and state before headhoncho lowers the boom[][]. joe
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      The boat needs some cleaning and a wax job. It has a depthfinder and fixed VHF radio, but no GPS. Trailer seems to be in good shape, but I need to inspect a little more. The motor runs good. I personally feel that if I can get them down to $5500, I'll jump on it. If not, there will be another available somewere soon. If it helps the boat is on boattraderonline. The 89 17ft in West Columbia.

      How fast does yours go w/ that 115?

      My brother lives in Mt. P too.
      Columbia, SC


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        around 35mph. (but its zero mph right now[]) might want to do a site search "transom test" "purchase" "soft spots". older makos as with anything old have their issues.(as my wife likes to remind me all the time). some folks say a marine survey is the way to go. some people just like to fix what's broke on a boat that looks great and runs like its 5 feet longer. good luck.
        91 17 standard[br]mt pleasant sc[br]115 yamaha[br]got mako?[br]


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          If your 17 only goes 35 with a 115, you have a motor that is down on power.

          I used to own a 1978 17' with a 1996 115HP. and that boat would hit 49, my Dad currently owns a 1972 17' Angler with a 2004 115HP (both Yams), and that boat will hit 46. The Angler is a littler slower cause it has transom livewells off the back. They have high speed pickups and really add some drag. I have a buddy with a 1984 17' Angler and a 130 Yam, his boat will hit 50. Very little difference between the 115 and 130.
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            A 17 is a perfect first boat. I have an '89 sitting in my driveway. If the engine has good compression and the boat is clean, then $5500 isn't out of line around this area.

            You won't need trim tabs for that boat, though, but it is a 17 foot boat and will pound you a little.
            St. Pete Beach, FL


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              My 17 is a 1980w/99 yamaha115,runs around 50 and the hull weighs 150lbs.more than the 1989.Just make sure you check the motors compression on all cylynders and check lower unit oil,if theres a milky look to it,your seal is leaking.One other thing,I strongly suggest popin open all deck hatches smell for gas cause these makos out last thier tanks,even if they are sealed.If the owner doesn't feel comfortable in looking,"RED FLAG".IF you read this board just A little, you'll see how many tanks are being replaced.Last note any of the things Ive mentioned,I've expierienced already,and can be used in Negotiating down to 5500.00 If all checks out,anywhere between 5500.00 and 7000.00 would be a fair deal in my opinion



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