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  • ringleader

    I am trying to set up my livewell to work properly. The guy I bought it from pulled everything out and never used it. He even sealed all the holes in it for the plumbing. It is below deck, maybe below the water line, I have owned other boats and all had above deck wells. I am wondering if you had a schematic on how to do this? I don't know where to begin. It doesn't need to be original just functional.


    1979 Mako 235 23'

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    This is how the livewell in the 1990's Mako 231 was set up.

    My hull was more simplistic. It had a single pipe that entered the bottom of the well and exited through the transom and had a valve. I drilled a hole near the top of the tank and ran wires for an aerator. All I had was a little Rule aerator in there. It kept shrimp and small baits alive as long as I put some fresh water in there every hour or so.
    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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      That would work but I keep bigger baits in there. It doesn't even have that thru hull drain for the discharge and looking at it on my boat the top of the bait tank is about even with the water line is there any other way that you might know of to rig this? Do I need it to empty into the bilge or should I just go for an above deck model although I would hate to give up the space saving below deck one.


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        Anyone have any other ideas for this?


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          I gave up on the contraption my 21 has in it.....similar to Ringleaders print, but different. I am scared to death someone is gonna step in that damn hole and break their leg, I just use a 5 gallon bucket...........bait is never in there long enough to croak anyway.