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Warranty issue... The verdict

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  • Warranty issue... The verdict

    Well it looks like the verdict is in on my warranty issue. And the verdict is… NO WARRANTY!!!!!!![:-(] I guess what you read in the threads of this forum are true. Mako Boats may not stand behind their product. They may if you play their game, maybe. Let this be a warning out there to all the buyers of used Makos that you only have a 60-day grace period to transfer the original owner’s warranty to your name. (You will also have to pay $100.00 to transfer that warranty.) Oh! And for all of you that are the third owners of said boat…. your screwed. No warranty at all for you guys. I don’t believe that this is all due to Mako, but due to the name of Tracker Marine Group taking over the company. I think the people of Mako want their good name back, but are tied to the Tracker bank accounts. I do believe that Mako will never be the quality boat that we all have come to know in the past years. They have fallen into a lower class of boat and joined the ranks of the unmentionables. Yes the taste in my mouth is sour because I have no warranty. But ask yourself, if you build a product so well and you placed a 12-year warranty to cover any damages that may accrue due to your defects or negligence. Would you not repair that product no matter who owned your product? Even just to protect your name? I think so.
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    That shows a total lack of cajones on Mako's part. I don't care who they are partnered with......maybe they chose the wrong partner! I wouldn't buy a new (er) MAKO if I had to. I can find many mid level boating companies that WILL stand behind their warranties, and if I were looking at buying new, I would do just that. That SUX!!
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      Bad Business Practice. They cannot live on their (old) good name

      indefinately. Probably, though, they realize that all those bad boats (12 or more years' worth) will cost them their fortune...

      but still, they ruin the 'goodwill' and thus the value of the co. goes down..fewer sales...NO repeat customers (we all know you buy the 17, then the 21, then the 25, etc...but not if you bought crap. See Studebaker. We'll be the only ones left with a valuable

      Mako. my 2 cents. Mark
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        Are you going to let them get away with it?
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          Well Ben it’s been a slow process that’s for sure. I am trying a few more paths to reach my goal. I have sent my story to a couple of news stations in the area that have consumer lawyers' on staff. I sure was trying to keep from any legal actions but it doesn't look like that’s what Tracker wants. Heck it may be that I don't have a leg to stand on and all this may be in their favor.
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            that's bull manure!! this is why every one in the marine buisness-such as my self-get a bad shows how inadequit the marine buisness is for the consumer-they all know that you will go away and just pay to have it fixed.alot of companies have that short sighted approach-where as there will allways be potential buyers-so why take care of problems and complaints?? it's a disgrace and it should be criminal!! but there is not a thing the average man can do-thank our government and the trash bucket lawyers that ruin it all. common sense-a large company like tracker and 1 person-they surley don't worry about it with the amount of money you will have to spend on a lawyer{SCUM SUCKER} you will run out of money way before them!! sucks doesn't it????


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              Originally posted by TheBandit

              I also have a problem with them. I have a 1998 253 W/A with a 12 year hull warranty. I have blisters spider cracks and voids that they will not repair. Their warranty is worthless. I for one will never buy a Mako again.

              Looks like I'm not the only one thats having problems with the Tracker Group.

              Thanks for your reply jawz
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