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  • Which bracket??

    Alright, since a lot of you guys have put brackets on your boats, I'm sure you did your research first before throwing down $1k to $5k. So which bracket is the best value? What are the pros and cons of each? are they all made from aluminum or are there some made from composite? do you have to buy them refinished? shipping cost(I'm still yet to find a bracket dealer in New England)?

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    Lot's of us have bought from D&D Marine. The transom's were rebuilt to a full transom. They needed to be rebuilt anyway.

    If your transom is solid? Then a is really cost efficitive. Sure it's more money, but your not rebuilding the transom and that cost's a bunch.

    D&D's are available finished or unfinished.

    Armstrong's only come finished and are a bunch more money. I do like the "V" that Armstrong put's in the bottom of the tub/body compaired to Stainless Marine.

    D&D has a option of the "V". It was an additional $150 option on my bracket.