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  • Repower

    I am thinking of repowering my 98 221 in the next year. I have a 1998 carbed merc. (1) when did mako's problems start. I don't want to repower a bad boat or even a boat with a bad reputation (for resale). Mine has had no problems so far. I hear that the bad mako years start anywhere from 1995 to 2000. (2) suggestions for repower. I want at least 225, the boat is heavy (3) what is the 98 merc carbed 200 worth if anything? thanks

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    Suggestion: Sell the 1998 Mako. Buy a 1970s model in whatever size and style you like. Make sure your "better half" is completely convinced you are doing the right thing. Bring it home and leave it in the driveway for all the neighbors to ponder over. Convince your self the nieghbors gazing is in amazement of such a beautiful boat and not over the fact that you've lowered their property value by 20%. Visit every day and convince yourself that if bozos like 'RUDE can do it, so can I and commince tearing your boat apart. Make a huge motor mount to store your engine on for the next 2 years (Hint: Put wheels on it). You'll need a shovel, saws-all with extra blades, a "warthog" patented towel/duck taped long blade, and a digital camara (Hint 2: the prenuptial agreement before getting started is just a recommendation). This project can not be started without a digital camera so we can all see your "progress". Cut, sand, scrape and curse at least once every 2 sentances. Make sure you follow the work/beer ratio properly. After 2 years, you'll be able to launch the boat and smile ear to ear as everyone admires your workmanship. Or, until you see another classic mako guy that has something you didn't do. Then start all over agian !!! [88][(#)][88][88][88][:x)][:x)][88][88]

    Sorry guys.. I'm headed home tomorrow to see my boat !! and my wife of course... []

    Seriously though. For a 225 hp and your setup. I'd go with a Suzuki. They make the adaptor kits so you don't need new controls and such. Also, they are getting excellent reviews so far. If you are redoing the controls anyway, I'd go with the 225 E-Tec.. []

    I don't think all Mako's between 1995-2000 were lemons. If your boat is in good shape and performs well for you, it's a good boat.

    The '98 Merc will have some resale value. Not sure how much as that is all dependant on hrs, previous use, service record, etc. []

    Good luck.
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