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racor vs the others

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  • racor vs the others

    Which leads back to my original questiom. Is Racor worth the difference, Other than draing the see thru do they do the same,,,

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    honest professional opinion??? nope use the other style-lube the o-ring with clean grease and don't over tighten it!! if you have water in the fuel it will trap it if it becomes clogged with water while running take it off and dump it in a bucket put it back on - this will get you home if you don't carry spares on board!! again don't over tighten and lube the o-ring-if you forget those things you will have a tough time getting it off!! as i stated just mark the date on it!!


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      Here's where Jawz and I will disagree.

      While it is very true you can do what he say's. The idea of having the blue sight bowl let's you know at a glance if it needs emptying. Now let's say your out running and the motor starts acting up.

      Which is quicker?

      Seeing the water in the bowl and drain it or

      MAYBE it has water in the filter and I might need to pull the filter and drain it?

      Mean while the boat is a drift and you have a bardge steeming down your backside.


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        ok!! the clear bowl only lasts so long!! and... who remembers to lube the drain cock?? they do stick. it's just as aesy spinning it off and shaking it out.either way you still have to prime the engine again-when you empty the bowl it is just that empty.. after a while that opaque bowl just isn't as opaque and you can't see in it any more.the other spin ons cost retail about $8.00 racors cost retail about $28.00 this is one instance of it's ok to be cheap. as far as which one does a better job my proffesional opinion they're the same-both seperate water from fuel. both of them will need to be changed at the same interval. there is no advantage to spending 3x the price. put the money you save in your savings account to pay for the replacement fuel tank-or better yet do some research on "" and purchase some cheap stocks with it-i reccomend life point-good buy it will hit $10.00 a share before summer!!!


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          "" and purchase some cheap stocks with it-i reccomend life point-good buy it will hit $10.00 a share before summer!!!id="red">

          I'm in ... will you cover my losses? [:x)][][:x)]
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            hey artie-only if i reap the benifits too!!!!!!!!


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              "reap" away... [(#)][]
              Artie Sutherland[br]Rude Attitude -\'76 Mako 25 CC. - SOLD[br]1976 Mako 21[br]2002 Yellowfin 31 - 300 hp Suzukis[br]Gulf Coast, Mississippi[br]


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                I'm with wart on this one.

                Possibly one of the most important safety items on the boat. Lets face it, shit usually hits the fan when everything else is going wrong. Its getting nasty out, your engine is acting up, do you really want to shut down to pull your canister filter to 'check' it in building seas? Oh, did you remember your filter wrench? If not, when those canisters fill with water its like you dont have a filter! Is it worth the few bucks you save??

                I say this out of experience. My neighbors used to run a 30 blackwatch...we got caught offshore in some big and building seas...long story short, we were taking water in thru the vents, I rode home in the bilge constantly draining the racors. Would have been lots of fun (OK...bigger diesel boat, but the analogy is the same) having to shut down and dump a small canister every 15 minutes.

                OH...and as far as the cost...we complained to racor about their heads peeling one year after we replaced them. I havn't paid for a filter in five years....still have some left in the CASE of filters they sent us free of charge....
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                  not to keep this going but... if the filter is installed correctly than you don't need a filter wrench! also the racor will be clogged just as easy- they too will need to be changed as far as a diesel filter goes the racors are the only way to go- this was under stood to be an outboard application.again a properly maintained fuel system would've avoided that problem on that black watch-all vent hoses should have a loop in them to prevent water backing up the vent and entering the tank this is a common mistake that "do it your selfers" make.i stand by my way - again i don't do this as a hobby.draining the water off in a gas application by opening the drain and dumping it in a bucket is fine however if the engine is running while doing this you can run it out of fuel same as a diesel both will require you to prime the engine with the out board being much easier just pump the ball diesels are different the engine will need to be bled if ran out of fuel-not a fun job in rough seas!!!


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                    Jim, is there any difference in the size of particles filtered (mics) or percentage of water separated from the fuel within these filters? There's so many of them, and then there are the expensive Racors. Thanks in advance for your opinion.[]
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                      in my opinion there is no difference-personally i don't like the racors on a gas engine boat. i don't like the drain and a great deal of people strip them or over tighten them and then the drain is useless-until you replace it.those filter wrenches ring leader posted are nice but i prefer the snap-on filter pliers.on all of these filters - do not over tighten the filter also lube it with clean grease-the filter should be snug that's it DO NOT INSTALL A FILTER USING A WRENCH EVER-result will be a filter that is virtually impossible to remove.i have actually broken off the mounting base on a merc filter housing trying to remove a fuel filter. there ya' have it!!!


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                        do it yourselfers...and just sometimes, comes that way from the factory like we found out.

                        Of course filters should only be snug. But how many filters have you ever put on that when you come back some time later you cant get them by hand??

                        You must live in a very perfect world jawz!!
                        1990 261 T/2001 200 HPDIs[br]Basking Ridge/Mantoloking NJ[br]


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                          this year i winterized and stored 57 boats most of which have theses filters and i have never had 1 that i couldn't remove the filter by hand yet-mabey you should take a ride to south jersey and head over to my shop you can watch you'll learn alot!!!


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                            Another opinion - I have been using the same Raycor gas filter on my gas 225 outboard for the last 16 years and have never had a problem with it. I like the way I can just glance at the clear lower bowl on the bottom and know if the gas I just filled my tank with has any water or sediment in it. I have found that it is real easy to drain any water from the bowl by just opening the the drain screw on the bottom of the bowl. I also (like the directions say) lightly greese the "O" rings and have never had any problem removing and or replacing a new filter element. I do, however because I am an engineer, carry on the boat for emergencys a filter strap wrench that fits the filter and several exter filters which to date I have never needed to use. There are no "Gas Stations" on the water 50 miles south of Montauk Point where I sometimes fish.

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                              The amount of discussion on water in fuel is interesting. I have 700 hours on my '01 OPTs and have never drained any water from my Racor filters. A tank of gas doesn't sit around long and I do use my boat year round, but not as much in the winter. I don't take particular interest in if I put it away full or empty so the tank isn't always full.

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