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  • Fuel water sepaerator

    Can some one tell me the difference in the racor separator and the spin on oil filter type. Is it worth the large price difference? Thanks..

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    Yep. It let's you drain off any water that was in the fuel tank and now collected in the bottom of the filter.

    I'd suggest this one. It has a stainless mount, unstead of alum. The alum one's alway's seem to loose their paint or powdercoating after about 2yrs and look like crap.

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      Thanks...Thats a good website too.[]


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        filter pictured is for outboard only applications-we never want to drain gas into the bilge...right????


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            My application is for a 225 Outboard.


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              Bobby, Can that base be purchased alone (without the filter)? I have plenty of spare filters. []
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                no you don't have to buy the whole set-up you can purchase the racor filter to fit the style head you have the one that is different is the omc style#32014 the other more popular style is the 32013.the one base is metal and the other base is plastic-plastic is for outboard boats and the metal bowl is for stern drives{yuck} or in boards.if you have an omc style spin on filter or a merc/yamana spin on than you use the mentioned word of caution:don't over tighten and lubricate the o-rings with clean grease-this will allow an easy removal.another good idea is to date them with a magic marker.


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                  forgot:if you're changing to the racor filters from the regular spin on filters the first time you have to purchase that bowl-and again the plastic bowls are for outboards and the metal bowls are for stern drives and inboards.when it's time to change the filter the base is reused!!


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                    I went with the screw on type since mine is mounted inside and the see-through part didn't seem worth the extra money since you can't see or get to it.

                    One good tip is to use a sharpie and write the date you install the filter. That way you know how hold it is and exactly when it needs to be replaced.
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