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  • MAKO BackCountry model???

    Does anyone remember what year(s) Mako built the BackCountry 20. It was a pretty slick boat and ahead of its time as bay boats go. I had a buddy who owned one back in the late 1970s, he bought it used in Florida and towed it up to Massachusetts of all places, and we would vacation in the Keys with it from time to time.

    If memory serves, it was a 20' model with low gunwales that was flat decked from bow to stern with the exception of a small console. The helm seat cushion was on a hinged hatch so when you were poling (yes it had a polling) you could flip the hatch closed so you could walk around the entire surface of the boat without a step down. It had loads of below deck storage compartments, including rod storage, live wells, a fish box and dry storage.

    It was a lot of boat to pole so he installed an electric trolling motor on each side of the outboard locked in a straight forward position and ran a foot switch up to the platform that allowed him to turn on one or both motors in either forward or reverse and then used the pole to "steer" on the flats. We caught bones, tarpon and snappers from that thing and loved it. Not sure what hull it was built on, either.

    Anyone know anything about them or what year they were offered?
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    the serch feature work's real good.[]

    This is a 18ftr.,20


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      That's the boat. For some reason I thought it was a 20, but I called the guy who owned it and he said it was an 18. Now get this. It was a 1980, which he bought from Grover Marine, a Mako dealer on Long Island, NY of all places, as a new leftover in 1983. He paids $4500 boat and motor and picked up a trailer for an additional grand. It was a fun boat to fish. I spent a week on Big Pine Key with him camping out and fishing every day on the boat. Naturally the wind blew just about every day, but we still had fun and the boat handled better than most of the flats boats of its day.
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        That is just the coolest boat ive seen yet! I would love to get my hands on one of those.


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          my father has one--- i have put more hours on it than he has-- i have run it from the keys to lake okeechobee- and even off the beach chasing tarpon -- it will be mine one day-- cause he will never part with it. its a 1978 and the story goes that only 30 were made. fun boat gets alot of attention at the ramp
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            Yeah, sweet boat. My oldest brother bought one from Pioneer Marine in Tampa. Then my other brother bought it from him, then my good friend bought it from him. I guess it was around for about 12 years. Great boat to fish out of, but a horrible boat to ride in. A 2' chop would get you pretty darn wet, and all those hatches would just bounce and bounce. Tightening down hatch screws was on our pretrip punch list. Besides that, a very cool boat, probably the best I've ever fished out of for drifting the flats.
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              Originally posted by Gary Shallbetter

              That is just the coolest boat ive seen yet! I would love to get my hands on one of those.

              I'm almost ready to paint mine, (a 1979), so you'll get your hands on one at least temporarily. That is, if you're still offering....I'm thinking about May-ish.

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                Now, now, Gary... remember what you said on the phone... too many projects already! [][]

                I'd like to see that flip-down in action. Neat stuff.
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