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    I have a 98 221. The inside of the center console is large but I cannot even get to most of it throught the small door in the stbd side. I am thinking of putting a tackle locker in the port side of the console. I like some of the ones I have found that have drawers and plano boxes but they are approaching 600 dollars. Any suggestions

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    I had teak drawers in mine that where falling apart. I built a cabnet out of starbourd with shelves that rubber maid boxes fit into. When you need something open the door pull out the box and get it out you don't wave to stand there in ruff seas. You can put it on the consol and get it.
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      A good source for stuff like that is Birdsall Marine in Palm Beach, FL. They are a high quality manufacturer of things for center console boats. Their catalog shows them selling tackle drawers, but I can't find them on the website:

      On page 15 of the catalog they have fiberglass Tackle Lockers in two sizes. the small one is $169 and the large is $189. They're available in 3 gelcoat colors with white or smoke plexi doors.

      The cut-out for the small one is 12"x10"; the large is 15"x13".
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        They have the 3 drawer bxxes for $55 I beleive + shipping. I have 2 on the way to put in the starboard side of my console.
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          those look good and cheap, I may order two and build a drawer for one of them instead of the trays, thanks