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my 1973 mako 22' cc

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  • my 1973 mako 22' cc

    I'm considering purchasing a 1993 yamaha 150 hp with a 20" shaft on it.My question is will this engine operate correctly with my original, non-altered transom height? or was my hull transom designed to have a 25" or 30" shaft motor? My second question is how about the performance of 150 HP vs. 200 or 250 HP. on this old hull.Is it enough going to be enough muscle to perform "out of the hole" as well as some decent "top end"? I'd appreciate any comments or thoughts ,as i have somewhat of a timeline to be able to purchase the 150 HP motor.

    Also does any one know of any reasons why that particular year motor(Pro-V 150 HP) would not be a wise purchase?

    Thanks for the input.
    Bilge Bob

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    What HP do you have on the boat now? I have a 200 on my 21 and wish I had a 225. Unless your weight and deadrise is dramatically different than on my 211, I think your going to be underpowered with a 150 anything on that boat. I am sure someone will jump right in with the technical data you will need, deadrise, transom height etc. Good luck
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      I had a '78 22B, it is a 20" transom unless it has been modified. 150 would be minimum power..........I had a 225 on mine and it was good to go, have a 225 on my 21B and can't imagine a 150 on it, but the 21B is a lot more boat than the 22B. I feel the 150 would do OK cause the 22B is a very flat bottomed boat.


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        Hey...I have a 1972 22 ft mako i bought this winter, Boat was in awsome condition, Came with a t-top...hull and whole boat was in excellent shape.It did have twin 115 Hp on it.I picked up the boat, trailer for $ 2600.00 The boat is rated for 230 Hp. I plan on rigging up this boat next month and putting on a 200hp mercury that i have on my 20' aquasport. The transom height is 20" on this boat. The motor is a 25" .....I placed a jack plate to take out the difference of the 5" on the aquasport have had it on there for a cpl yrs with no problems...plan to do the same on the mako..


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          Robert - First off, if you don't get the motor shaft length to match your boat transom you going to have problems. That is, if you use a short shaft 20 inch on a deep v boat the motors cavation plate, water intakes and the rest of the business end will be way to high in the water to pull a stream of water from under the boat to push against - this is what is called cavation. If the motor is high enough and the propellor tips cut into the air (above the water) the motor's RPM will rise abnormally and cause the engine to over heat. This will runin you day believe me. If you go the other way, and use a long shaft motor (25 inch) on a semi v boat (that has a 20 inch transom) there will be way to much shaft and motor in the water below the bottom of the boat causing lots of water resistance (drag) so you will not get the optimun performance from the motor and boat. According to my Yamaha motor manual, the anti-cavitation plate on the motor (that's that flat horizontal piece of metal just above the prop) should be between the bottom of the boat and 1 inch below it. On my 1973 Mako - which has the old orginial modified v, my 225 Yamme's cavation plate sits exactly even with the bottom of the boat. Only what is needed is in the water. Gives the best performance because of the least amount of parts are below the bottom of the boat hense the least drag.

          Hope this helps -

          1973 22 CC Milford, CT USA[br]


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            I also have a 1973 22 and a 150 Merc for it. The transom height is 20", but my motor is a 25" shaft. Instead of going the jackplate route, I am raising the transom an additional 5". The transom needed replaced anyway, but it's not a weekend project like a jackplate would be. I just don't like all the extra stress a jackplate puts on the transom. Any type of flex and you are going to get cracks in the gelcoat which will eventually lead to to water intrusion and you don't want that to happen. The 150 will be enough power to get you where you want to go. Some people are really instersted in going fast, but my opinion on that is that if you want to go fast, buy a Scarab. If you want a solid reliable fishing machine, buy an old Mako and give yourself an extra 15 minutes to get to your favorite fishing hole.
            James Havanki[br]Great Mills[br]Southern Maryland[br]1973 22\' still \"in-work\"


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              i have a 76' 22 with a 225 and its a dog sometimes in the Barnget Bay..i canot even think what a 150hp would be like..DONT DO IT !


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                Hey guys,

                Thanks for all the input and technical info. I was hoping to to justify the lower HP with better fuel economy but after hearing your opinions, i feel like i would only loose any hypothetical fuel economy with an under-powered dog. The boat currently has a 1979 Johnson 200 HP which i have not run, due to needing too much money to get going. Has anyone had any experience with a transom bracket on low transom center consoles. Could you give me some insight as to what the pro's and con's are to this application. I wanted to free up my cockpit space in addition to having a swim platform to put a cooler on. I also have heard that planing the hull is easier and runs more efficiently....any truth to these? What are the bad tradeoffs?

                thanks again for the help

                Bilge Bob


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                  Hammertime had a early 70 22B with a bracket and johnson 225. He would have your answers.


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                    This was my first Mako 1970 22 ft I bought boat as you see it.I really liked the closed transom,225 Johnson on bracket pushed it real well.Got up on plane quick and easy.The extra fishing room was great.If you can do a bracket your self or can have it done, go for it.I think you will love it!!!!! The only draw back I have with the old flat bottom Mako's is the ride, bone jaring when its over 3 ft and choppy.Hope these pics help you make up your mind. Owning a Classic Mako Priceless, Hey Eddie put that on a shirt for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    Gulf Breeze Fl.


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                      hammertime I take it you don't own that boat anymore?

                      I'd sure like to see some stright on level shots of that transom and bracket. What length motor? 20in or 25in?

                      I'd also like to see a beam pix right at the transom.[]


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                        Hammertime, tell us more about your boat. How did it sit at rest. Any drainage problems. Any quirks in the ride, blowouts on turns, etc. What was her top speed? Why did you get rid of her. What are you in now? And what was she painted with? Beautiful.

                        I saw a good saying for the T-shirt the other day... "My Mako's

                        Not Old - it's a CLASSIC"

                        Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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                          The story behind this boat.I found the boat in Jacksonville,Fl.The guy I got it from is a car painter. Top is painted inside and out with imron,bottom paint on rest.When I get boat home (gulf breeze fl.)we discover water drips from under the bow???? We could tell work had been done in this area before.Some one had put some type of putty on the bow,crappy work.Bottom paint hides alot of things!!I decided the boat was to much work for me,I'm not a fiberglass man.Sold the boat to my nephew,he is good with fiberglass repair on boats.This is what he did.

                          Cut two holes on front deck and got all the foam out,so he could repair bow from inside.He found the two side stringers where cut off about 3 ft short,replaced them,fixed bow area,filled back up with foam.He also made storage areas where he cut the two holes on front deck.He still has the boat in Pensacola FL. Says he wants to sell and get a bigger mako???

                          25 inch motor

                          the bracket set back about 30"

                          Had to run a 15 pitch prop to get rpms at 5500

                          [email protected] 30

                          wot @ 40

                          After this boat I got a 1988 21b This was one fine boat.My family got a little bigger and the 21 seemed to get smaller.Now we have a 1988 254 mako on the project page,just got it last fall, lookin forward to the summer fishing.

                          Jimmy O'Leary AKA Hammertime
                          Gulf Breeze Fl.


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                            thanks for your opinion on the transom bracket...sounds as if you liked the results. I do have another question for ya, i was told by a local that one big disadvantage to the bracket that hesaw was that when he pulled back the gas to come "off-plane" to an idle, that he noticed that his engine would drop much farther down into the prop wash, resulting in lots of water up and around his engine cowl. In my particular application with this old 1979 200, the cowl seals were poor at best even when they were new in 79' and i hate to give the old lady a saltwater dunking every time i pull back off plane. I took him to mean that he would come off at a reasonable rate in a calm body of water w/o a fallowing seaof any kind. whataya think...did you notice this performance trait with your bracket? thanks.
                            Bilge Bob


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                              That is exactly why I went to 25in shafts. The powerhead/cowl will be higher. Remember my boat only has 8deg of deadrise.

                              Here's some good reading on brackets and outboards.