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    Where can a large bubble in a compass come from?
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    Well Mic... First the Momma bubble meets the Daddy bubble... they get together... (I'll stop now for Dave's sake....He'll explian that one to his son when the time comes.). And the "Large" part is usually genetics. [:x)][(#)][]

    I'm being funny 'cause I have no idea. []
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      Air is displacing the oil. Notice a leak anywhere?


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        Along those lines, is it possible for a compass to just plain stop working? There's an old compass on a Montauk 17 I'm working on, and it points every way but north. Turn it upside down, spin it around... I didn't think a magnet could wear out!
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          Hello there, Mine did the same thing it started

          as a bubble and then one day it was empty of fluid.

          Mine had like an alcohol fluid in it. I called Ritchie

          Compass service center to order the repair kit

          and fluid and he asked if I was a certified compass repairman.

          So no dice on the parts for me. You can send yours in and they

          will repair and ship back to you for a moderate fee. As mine

          came with the boat I just bought a new one and did the easy

          install. Best of luck with yours.
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            My father added fluid to his compass before, but I don't know where he got it.

            I think that it's mineral oil, but I am not sure, I will get back to you.
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              It's filled with mineral spirits, AKA paint thinner. Richie repairs them for a fee of 70 bucks. The guy I spoke to said not to be suprised if when it was returned it was with a brand new one. Hard to beat that. My first one devoloped an air space. It was leaking from the diaphragm. I just bought a new one. The old one is sitting downstairs in the basement still waiting to be returned to them.[]
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                Past:[br]1988 Mako 230[br]1987 Mako 20C (best of them all)[br][br]1974 Mako 15[br]Miami, FL[br]


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                  Best bet is to buy new. Being old, it will probably leak out again and you will be in the same spot a year from now. I have one of the newer Asmith 1000 (fluxgate electronic) compass on the boat and love it - especially the LARGE compass card for these old eyes. The other thing great about the electronic compass is that you can pilot the boat slowly in 3 small circles and the unit does an automatic self compensation - that is it accounts for all the ferrous metal around the compass that effect the card differently when it points in different directions. That way your return trip home is the exact recipical course - opposit by adding 180 degrees to your course out. No more out on say 90 degrees and back home on 301 or 244 degrees. It will also interface to radar or GPS / Fishfinder units. Expensive - about $250 but in my mind well worth it. Oh, and if you do go the electronic way, make sure that you carry a hand held compass as a backup in case you loose power to the compass.

                  Hope ths helps -

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                    My father got his compass oil at Hamilton Marine, here is the link.

                    1982 224 w/200 \'Rude[br]Andover, CT