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    Hi Guys,

    Been lurking in the darkness for the last 6 months absorbing as much information from this site as possible, thanks for this forum! Now, down to business...I am looking for a seastar helm 1.7 inch standard or tilt will work. Also looking for a set (Pair) of Morse top mount single function dual lever controls. I have a 2100 Mako Bayshark that is getting really close to a flats tower install(should be complete in 3 weeks) and I need all controls, etc for the second station. If anyone has some of this stuff in the shop or basement, give me a call. Also, would appreciate it if you guys could let me know of local(Florida) supply houses, i.e. where to buy hardware, etc.

    Thanks for reading the message, feel free to call me via my cell # 813-277-6449

    Keep em' Bent

    Keep em\' Bent[br]----------<{{{{{{><[br]David[br]1999 Mako Bayshark 2100[br]Tampa, FL

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    Welcome Aboard FIN-DEEP. Please put your hometown/state in your siginature. It's in your "Profile".

    Check with Surplus Unlimited for the controls and helm.

    Install Teleflex X-Treme cables. Accept NO subsitute. You will be glad you did.


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      Warthog5 -

      Thanks for the welcome. I picked up a pair of Morse Twin S controls todat from Don's Salvage in Clearwater. They were in some secret back room under lock and key, like new condition and paid $150 for the pair. Also ordered the cables from him, went with the same ones you had suggested, they will be here on Tuesday.

      Still looking for the Seastar Helm in a 1.7, I believe it is an H5271 Teleflex part number. I also need (2) 14 foot Seastar hoses and the TEE kit. I looked on the Surplus Unlimited website and the prices are not bad, I appreciate the tip.

      My tower will be completes in about 3 weeks, then the fun stuff begins. I will rig it myself, looking forward to some more quality time with the old gal. I will post some pics of the rig and include the new tower shots as the process continues.

      I have really appreciated this forum and gained a lot of insight from its' members. I will be removing a Mercury top mount single engine remote control with trim switch in the next few weeks and also removing the leaning post with (4) integrated rod holders.(replacing that with a new livewell) If there are any forum members that would find these items useful for any of their rigs, please let me know. I will donate them free of charge if a member can use them.

      One last question for the experts, I need to do some work on my console. I have new electronics and the new controls so there will be holes that don't match. Any ideas here? I don't want to talk about any fiberglass work, not my strong suit. Was thinking of acrylic or Starboard. I have tried to do some things with Starboard in the past but had issues with the router. I'd like to farm this out to someone that can do a qaulity job. Let me know of any ideas for this.

      Again, thanks for the welcome!
      Keep em\' Bent[br]----------<{{{{{{><[br]David[br]1999 Mako Bayshark 2100[br]Tampa, FL


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        Doing small pieces of Starboard, you need a router table. A handheld router can jump to much.


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          You are putting a second station on a bay shark? We definitely need pictures of that when you get it done. Sounds pretty sweet.
          1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
          1985 Mako 20c - sold
          Fort Walton Beach, FL


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            Hi guys, thanks for the responses. I just found a receipt from a new front mount cylinder I bought a couple of months ago from the west coast. The shop is called Pacific Marine Exchange, they primarilly sell Teleflex factory reman components. Well, guess what, I got a new (Factory Reman) helm for $229.00. Their web address is If there is anyone else on the forum that could use anything from Teleflex Hydraulics, give them a shot. Their phone number is 360-738-8535.
            Keep em\' Bent[br]----------<{{{{{{><[br]David[br]1999 Mako Bayshark 2100[br]Tampa, FL