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    I have an older mako 228 cuddy. Needs lots of repair but is still in operational shape. I am planning new transom and bracket. Affraid of what all I may run into as far as rotten wood when I get into that. If I do find alot of rot I was considering cutting the cabin off, decking all the way across and using the below deck void for a larger fuel tank, larger live wells, and more dry storage. Has any one undertaken such a project or have any advice on this?

    I love [xo]the boat and sure dont want to screw it up so bad I wont be able to fix it[:-(]. This will be my first repair job like this so I am pretty nervous about it any way.

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    There was a picture of 260 on here about a month ago where someone did just that. Maybe someone will post it again.
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      My 228's transom is going to need a rebuild soon too but can't decide on building it up to a 30" notch since I have a long shaft motor or go the bracket route. I never done a project like this but wih all the expert adivce on this forum I think I can handle it.Would love to see pics of your project when you get started.Goodluck

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