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    Are the Ficht's to be avoided, or were the issues corrected by the year 2000 ?

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    My buddy has a 1999 200 with 20 hours on it. It blew the heads and no one would stand behind it. From what I understand the problems were adjusted after 1999???? But do the research.

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      I have the same question. I have an oportunity to grab a 2003 or 2004 Bomb Evinrude DI (which I believe are Fichts) for an unbeatable price.
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        yes the earlier ficht engines had problems-they are now resolved.buisness associates of mine are the local bombardier dealers.barnacle bill's marine 856 785 9466 joe pekora is a master tech i respect his opinions i reccomend you call him for any info he will be glad to help you!!


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          The 2004 DI are the first that are modified BRP designs. The injectors are re-engineered and they have higher compression.
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            In 2001 or 2002 Evinrude re-designed the head on the Ficht engines to put a deflector between the injector and the spark plug. The injector was spraying fuel directly on the spark plug tip and fouling them out during long hours of idling.

            This was the primary problem with the early Ficht engines and it was solved. Evinrude reportedly replaced the heads on the engines free of charge regardless of warranty status.

            This is what I recall from watching the press and event. If the heads have been updated on the engine you are looking at then it is probably fine.
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              Check out this link to the trend on this forum titled 1999 225 fict, this ilink:

              Or check out:

              Their is a guy with the screen name johnformmichigan I think, he knows a ton...

              From my research, the 2000's were fine, and the larger 1999 Ficts were generally good. The real problems, from my research, was in the smaller motors(150's and 175's).

              Mind you, I have also heard that some of the 2000's have problems. This is just what i have seen, and talked to people about.

              Good luck,

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                I'm knocking on wood as i write this but my ficht 225 year 2000 has been worry free. When I got it the computer had been replaced with a bombardier. I took it to a shop for the shop computer print out before i bought it and it had about 750 hours. It was a QC problem at the factory that produced all these bad motors. I know people with no problems and heard about people with endless problems. Go get the engine plugged in to the computer at the shop- if it has had no problems then you should be good- but if it has needed a few replacements then the problems will continue.


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                  Anyone out there wanna give away one of those crummy year 2000+ Bomb made 225 FICHTS cause they are crap motors let me know, I will gladly pay the shipping to my house !!!!![]


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                    Knock on wood but my 2002 250 hp Ficht is just great.


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                      All the early FICH motors when they were Evinrude were flawed. They eventually came up with a fix but by that time their reputation was shoot. All the Bomb motors are solid.

                      * generally speaking and of course my .02 *
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                        Take a look at the pictures of the ETEC engine on this web site:


                        That is clean... Those airplane guys know what they are doing.
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