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    i just found this site and really like it.i have a 1994 161 mako flats boat with a 2005 115 on it i am giving it a face lift so i will post some pics when i get a chance.
    Capt Bill Sharpe [br]Mt.Pleasant,sc

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    Welcome Aboard Bill. please put your hometown/state in your siginature, in yore "Profile". It help's us help you. If you need help posting pix's see this link.


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      warthog5 thanks for the welcome i'm in Mt.Pleasant SC.I run inshore and offshore charters out of Isle Of Palms.i also fish in NC and Fla alot
      Capt Bill Sharpe [br]Mt.Pleasant,sc


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        welcome to the best forum on the internet. civil, informative, and entertaining....and in that order. i am also on the coast of carolina (mt pleasant) and spend whatever extra time i can "piddling" around with my 91 17 angler. at nights i lurk and learn on this forum from some folks that must be at least 80 or 90 years old given all the knowledge they have gathered.[]
        91 17 standard[br]mt pleasant sc[br]115 yamaha[br]got mako?[br]


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          sc here too. Hartsville to be exact. I usually fish out of Georgetown. I too am learning a lot.... fixin up my new to me 84 254.

          Bad Habit
          1984 MAKO 254[br]Hartsville, SC


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            Hi, I just found this site, and love it. I've restored a couple older Mako's. As well as buying a new 24' Walk Around in 1988. Mako built great boats early on. Later they seem to have had quality control issues. Still love Mako's though. Currently have a 258 Cuddy. Just wanted to introduce myself and say Hello to everyone.


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              Alright Capt Bill. You gotta quit followin me around.[] Jus kiddin. This is one of the more civil sites I visit and these guys can answer anything Mako, and then some. Glad you found it. Later
              i[br] i[br] i[br] j <\'))))>{ [br]Greenwood/Mt Pleasant,SC