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HELP, 2004 MAKO 232 CC

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  • HELP, 2004 MAKO 232 CC

    Need help, I have an option to purchase a new(NEVER BEEN IN WATER)2004 MAKO 232 CC, Mercury 225 DFI Optimax, Electric Head, Ttop w/ rocket launchers, Dual battery, Freshwater system, outriggers, and some other stuff. I think i can get a great deal on this boat, $55K, for the whole package! Can i get any opinions??? Please!!! I love the boat!! Good deal??

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      i wish i hade $55k!
      1984 MAKO 254[br]Hartsville, SC


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        If you spend some time perusing this board you will find quite a few people verry skeptical of the quality and finish of the Mako's currently being built (2000 - to current). They seem to have problems with gelcoat spider cracks and a few structural issues. Although I am not sure this is a huge problem. Additionally, some have had problems with Mako honoring their warrenty.

        Most folks on this board have 10 - 25 year old Makos they deem worthy of restoring and customizing. All agree those boats were solid, well built, and beautifully finished boats.

        Ultimatly, the decision is yours. Good luck!

        Columbus, Georgia[br]1973 Mako 17 angler \"Reel\'s Angler\"


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          they have a really nice lay out the power on that rig is also nice very fuel efficient lot of push too.if you like the boat than buy it!! good luck in the endever!!!!!!


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            I believe you could do better with 55 or 60K to spend.


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              Seereel, thanks for your input, but if I have the hull warrenty(which comes with the boat) wouldnt that mean that this will cover any hull issues?? Also, the boat is included with a brand new trailor, another $3,000, for a grand total of 53K, NOT 55 as previously mentioned. This is going to half to be a quick decision on my end. I am almost 90% on getting it. Looks awesome. 5 year warrenty on the engine, 7 on the hull. QUESTION, are all of these 04 models having problems, or just some>?????????


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                I'm almost positive for $53K you could get a better and even bigger boat, especially with a single engine. If it were a rebuilt Classic Mako... that's another story.. []

                Seavee custom made 26', one of the top 4 custom boat makers - $50-55K


                Dusky 23'- great boat with a real good reputation - ~$33K with 250 Etec


                The list goes on and on.... Mako will trun things around, but it's gonna take a few years.
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                  I think my previous post came across a litte negative. Mako has recently shown signs of improving their customer relations (eg. honoring their warrenties) and their quality control.


                  No, despite having the warrenty in hand some owners have been told that for one reason or another their warrenty is void and that Mako will do nothing about the condition of their hull. The reasons given for a void warrenty are trivial in the cases I am aware of.

                  I am not sure if all models have problems and I am even less sure of the 04 models. However, I looked at several 04 models last summer at a Bass Pro Shops in Katy TX and found lots of gelcoat scratches, gobbes of silicone, poor wiring, and generally an unfinished boat for the price they wanted. If I were you I would get it surveyed before sinking 53K into a boat. Then you will have peace of mind.

                  Columbus, Georgia[br]1973 Mako 17 angler \"Reel\'s Angler\"


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                    I have 2001 232 with a 225 opti ,The fit and finsh could be a little better , but overall it's a tough boat .It's no contender or regulator ,it's also cost 50% less . I love mine ,I fish the Chesapeake mostly with half about 10 offshore trips a year . At 55k the price went up since 01 ,I paid 37k for mine with the same options . jose
                    jose[br]232 mako o1[br]annapolis md


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                      SeaReel Gave you good advise. Especially if the boat's sitting before you sign papers or drop money. Spend $300 to have it survayed. Other's have had the warranty paper's in their hand, it may as well been toilet paper for what BPS [Bass Pro Shop's] did for them.


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                        Hightimes - I bought a brand new 2001 232 with a 250 Merc EFI. I can tell you I had it back to the dealer 3 different times in the first year, for gel-coat blisters and soft spots in the floor. All covered under warranty to my satisfaction, but what a pain in the ass to keep haulin' that thing back to the shop. Had a fuel injector go out on the Merc at about 50 hours. Took 6 (six) weeks for the dealer to fix that one. I really liked the boat though. It was a tank. Like any big purchase, in the end it's your decision. My advise - don't be in a hurry, don't rush into buying it. If it's the one you want then go get it. And has been said, get her surveyed. I paid about 35K for the whole package in 2001. Best of Luck!
                        Spring Hill, Fla.


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                          i know this is the mako forum and i am the owner of one, but for 55-60k i would look for a couple year old low hour contender or intrepid or something. just me
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                            I just hired a surveyor to have the boat surveyed, ill keep you guys posted!!


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                              Hightimes - I've got a 2002 232 and really like the boat. I've got a FICHT 250 and have never had any problems with the boat. A surveyor is a good idea given the number of quality complaints on this and other boating forums. That said, after three years with the boat, I have no quality concerns with the boat. Your rig sounds great.

                              Your price is very close to what others are paying in the northeast for that boat.

                              Good luck. If you need any specifics, send me a note.