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  • Forward Hatch 20'

    When i purchased my 1973 20' the hatch in the floor, forward of the console had been replaced by a piece of plywood, needless to say it hasnt held up well at all and is delaminating. Any ideas as to what i can use to replace it? Is starboard to flimsy? How did the original hatch come, as a full piece or hinged and would marine connection have something like that or any other ideas would be great.

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    The Starboard by itself would be too flimsy. However, if you were to bolt some aluminum or stainless angle/channel to the backside, it would work great. Use some of those fancy stainless finishing washers and it will look just fine. I've done a lot of work w/ Starboard and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Of course, that might be too simple for some of the guys here... []

    I'd first check the marine connection place.

    Is/was there any sort of non-skid pattern on the hatch? Personally, I would try to get it as close to factory as I could, but that's just me.

    Good luck in whatever you decide. []
    Brian[br]St. Leonard, MD


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      no right now its just a piece of plywood that is over it as a temporary cover. The guy i bought the boat from did a great job in restoring it and i'm not sure why he put that kind of cover there......i would love to go as close to original as possible


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        Did you ever get an answer on the hatch...

        I have a 79 20' - if you think they are the same, I will snap a digital picture or get some specific measurements. Where on LI are you. I am out in Setauket - so if you think its the same - could see about making a template.


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          i also have a '79 20.

          the front hatch on mine has no hinges. just the "button" to lift it with.

          appears to be glassed plywood with a lip.

          i, too, could provide pictures/measurements if needed.

          you still have the "baby's first summer" colored deck?
          \'79 20\'[br]savannah


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            I have a 73 mako 20 and can send some pictures if you like. The cover is similar to the live wells in the rear with no hinges and a bolt for a lifting knob. Let me know if I should send pics
            3N2, 76 mako 23, marblehead, ma[br]


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              I would really appreciate any pics and measurements that any of you guys could forward my way. I'm on the south shore of LI in Freeport, and know setauket very well.....i'm out that way alot on business. Also i have no live wells in the floor of my boat. The guy i bought the boat from filled them in because the 200 rude must have been a little too heavy to keep the water out of them........the floor in my boat is white, everything was redone prior to my purchasing it.

              Thanks in advance!!!!


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                Cover: 29.5 x 33.75 x .625 thick

                well at top: 26.75 x 31

                well at bottom: 24.25 x 28.5

                drain well around perimeter is .75"

                well is approximately 8" deep
                3N2, 76 mako 23, marblehead, ma[br]


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                  damn you red x's []