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deadrise on a 21

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  • deadrise on a 21

    anyone know the deadrise on a 1979 mako 21?

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    I don't know what it is but I can tell you how to check it. All you need is one of these.

    With the boat out of the water. It doesn't matter if it's sitting level.

    Check the measurement on on side close to the transom and write that number down. Now check the other side close to the transom and write that number down. Now add them together and devide by 2. That your deadrise angle.[]


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      Another method is to measure the width of the bottom (where the dead rise starts) and then measure the rise from the center (deepest part of the hull) up to a line level with the bottom width you just measured.

      Then using a scientific calculator do the following:

      (rise/(bottom width/2)) TAN-1 = dead rise.

      For my boat a '74 22:

      bottom width = 75"

      rise = 6.5"

      (6.5"/35.5") TAN-1 = 9.8 degrees
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        If it's a Mako, it's a lot easier to go here: abd check the specs section

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          It's not listed for that model/year.


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            Its 19 degrees. I looked at one from 1977 today. Same thing.
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              WHat does it mean when there is an X in the space for deadrise? I have a 1984 238. If anybody knows off the top of their head I'd appreciate them telling me what the deadrise of that model is.

              Thanks, Murray [?]
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