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1986 254CC fuel tank replacement

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  • 1986 254CC fuel tank replacement

    Well, it's time.

    Last summer, I had water get into my tank and that's caused many many engine issues. I installed some clear-bottom water separators and lived with it until the off-season. Pulled tank cover, stripped foam, and of course found corrosion and holes in the tank.

    Question is, new tank: where, who, what kind, how much, etc?

    Does anyone have either a source for a poly tank that fits or a reputable aluminum tank builder that's also resonably priced? It would be nice if they are located in driveable distance from south Louisiana...

    Also, what kind of foam should I use when re-installing?



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    i am looking to do the same with my 1984 254 next I am looking to hear some info.

    except I am in SC.
    1984 MAKO 254[br]Hartsville, SC


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      There have been many, many, many threads on gas tank removal and replacements tanks, where to buy etc. I don't know how you get to the older threads (early last year and beyond) but I know that there have been many words and good ideas written about this subject. Maybe the moderator or Rigleader can help you out with this.

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        check in your area for a reputable tank manufacturer-make sure the tank has a build sticker on it this sticker should state what it is made of how thick capacity date of build and pressure test info it also states that the tank is coast guard certified-if this is not on the tank DO NOT INSTALL reolace all hosing at the same time and have the tank barrier coated with epoxy!!