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Install leaning post on existing seat posts

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  • Install leaning post on existing seat posts

    Would it be wise to have a leaning post fabricated and installed on the existing seat posts. I'm trying to avoid addig any more holes to my deck.
    Thanks,[br]JB[br]\'91 Mako 201[br]Oxford, Maryland

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    Kind'a depends on what you want? Just a leaning post or do you want to incoroperate rod holdes,ice box,storage, livewell?

    Strick has the ultimate setup.[] It's "Prego" Has everything in it.

    Livewell is under the back seat.


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      I have a leaning post that was store bought by the previous owner, that slides over the seat tubes. It makes it easy to remove, but it just isn't very sturdy.

      When you have two people putting all of their weight on it, it seems like the seat bases are going to pop off.
      1982 224 w/200 \'Rude[br]Andover, CT


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        Warthog's leaning post looks like it was built for Donald Trump. I have plenty of rod holders. I'm basically looking for something to replace the stock seats that serve no purpose when I'm driving the boat due to the fact that driving a 201 while seated means you can't see sh%$ over the bow until you are on plane and then still it is limited at best.
        Thanks,[br]JB[br]\'91 Mako 201[br]Oxford, Maryland


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          I can't take credit for anything, accept posting the pix's.

          That's Strick's creation. I did discuss the plumbing with him a little.[]


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            wart hog no offense buddy but that is one ugly leaning post it is huge!! i installed a leaning post a customer got from high tech marine in texas not a bad product it was inexpensive as well


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              What ever. But if you like this, so be it.

              The unit that Strick built has everthing, and a place for everything.

              Storage, rod holders and yes there is a 30gal Kodiak livewell in it too.

              Oh' and 3 people can sit on it. 2 in the front and 1 in the back.

              Must be a Yankee thing.[88][88]


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                When I purchased a 261CC from the factoty the leaning post (rocket launcher) was factory mounted on the seat stantions. You could order the boat with either or both seats or leaning post. Mine is a 1988 and have never had aproblem with the leaninf post being any thing but very sturdy. I'm 6' 250+ and others who fish with me are not petite - we've never had any problems.
                Capt. Vic[br]Six O Stretch 261CC T200 Js[br]Glimmer Glass/ Manasquan/ Milltown, NJ[br]<i></i>


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                  I'll bet we can get Strick to post a pix of his boat showing his leaning post installed.[] I seem to have lost them.


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                    easy jawz that thing is custom made by a member and friggin' awesome, when it comes to craftsmanship.
                    1983 21b[br]Waveland,MS


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                      My 224 has a post installed on the seat posts. Five rocket launchers and two cup holders. Use it w/a backrest and is very sturdy. The seat posts make it tough to store a cooler uner it though. all in all it has served me fine


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                        jdeerin - I had the same problem in my 20 and put in a leaning post last summer. By far the best change I have made to the boat. I absolutely love the leaning post and once you drive the boat you will get over the fact that there are more holes in your floor. I used a syringe to fill them with epoxy filler so they are waterproof and will add a little gelcoat to them eventually.

                        1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
                        1985 Mako 20c - sold
                        Fort Walton Beach, FL


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                          I did the exact same thing as Sailor. Removed the pedestals and had a "traditional" leaning post made. Has fiberglass tray under the seat for storage, 4 rod hod holes, a removable seat rest and will fit a cooler underneath. The only way to go IMHO.

                          Strick learner is friggin' sweet. But it's not for everyone. It works very well in his Seacraft as he doesn't have wells in the aft corners like on my Grady and on many of your guys' Mako. We simply don't have the room for a piece like that....but if I did.... []
                          Brian[br]St. Leonard, MD


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                            Try this link:

                            This is where I bought the leaning post for my Mako 20. Chelso is the owners name, nice guy and ships anywhere.

                            He actually has designed pedastool slip on tubes specificly for Mako existing pedastals that are VERY heavy duty and uses 3/8" set screws to hold them in place. These can be built to order, with or with out rocket launchers and with or withour a seat back.

                            Easy to install, remove the old Mako seats and cushions, (send me your cushions for my Mako 23'), slide the tubes over the existing pedastals, senter the new leaning post set, mark the pedastal mounts , drill 8 pilot holes and run screws thru.. Done.

                            The way I had mine made was with 4 rocket launchers, when using the seat back, the outside two rocket launchers hold the back in place.

                            When mounted I built a cabinet for the underside for tackle, line, boga grip, etc.

                            They have lots of other cool stuff too!
                            Bob Carpenter [br] Maine[br]1969 Boston Whaler 13\' (Annie3 1/2) [br]Built Annie2 and Annie3 which can be seen in The Project pages[br]


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                              Thanks for the feedback. I now have some options to explore. BTW--I thought Strick's leaning post was schweeeeeet especially the stern facing seating and extra storage. Unfortunately, I do not have the skill, time or money to do anything that elaborate. Have a great weekend.
                              Thanks,[br]JB[br]\'91 Mako 201[br]Oxford, Maryland