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    can't sleep so made a list of the top five things i would do if i had the time and $$$.

    1. replace and update steering system.

    2. replace garboard drain plug with one like wilson's.

    3. fabricate a fire extinguisher insert for my console and install.

    4. install my armstrong 10x20 hatch cover.

    5. replace original bow rails with lower profile ss rails.

    anybody else want to share their top five to do lists?[?]
    91 17 standard[br]mt pleasant sc[br]115 yamaha[br]got mako?[br]

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    1. Finish my rebuild

    2. Finish my rebuild

    3. Finish my rebuild

    4. Finish my rebuild

    5. Go Fishin'!!!
    1975 23\' Tampa,FL


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      mt pleasant, what kind of steering system are you using now? when i bought my boat the cables were new, but the rotary helm was shot. rather than get a new one for close to $100, I found a new-old-stock item in a consignment shop for 5 bucks. Works like a charm. Maybe you'll be as lucky. And let me know if you find a source for the low-pro rails. I don't even have rails, and don't really want them, but do like that type.

      My list:

      1: replace cooler seat with leaning post, to possibly include ski pole.

      2: reconfigure electronics layout.

      3: refinish placards and apply new graphics to hull.

      4: repaint deck.

      5: add "No Bikini Tops Allowed" sign to boat.
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        1 wire the boat

        2 service out and install new to me outboard

        3 replace cross members on trailer

        4 swap bow rails from my m20(cool stainless)

        5 wet sand and buff hull.

        This reminds me of the lists I make the kids when I want to get them motavated!!! [:x)] dave
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          1. Finish the base boards and shoe molding

          2. Varnish and paint the stairway/bannister

          3. Fill nail holes and paint trim molding

          4. Make fiberglass decorative drip rail for the balcony

          5. Avoid the wife's requests for crown molding and get back to work on the Mako

          Makes me tired just thinking about it.
          Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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            Ring.. I still haven't figured out why anyone would want base boards, shoe molding, a stairway/bannister, varnish, and especially NAIL HOLES in their Mako.... but to each his own.... [88][88][][88][:x)]

            1) Get home so I can at least work on the boat

            2) Finish all the custom console and glass work

            3) Get all the paint on (and it look as I hope it should)

            4) Get all the new Electronics toys installed

            5) See just how many fish will actually fit in the new box !!
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              do not know. pretty sure it's your basic teleflex. previous owner and mechanic stated it was on its last leg. it was very difficult to steer in any direction for most of the summer and then i ran aground (no damage....about 5 knots onto a mud bar). since then it seems to be easier to steer. going to grease the cable and hope i can baby it one more season. we have a marine consignment store in town and i have already asked him to be on the lookout for a deal.

              i replaced my cooler seat with a leaning post out of an 18 whaler. it makes a great difference in comfort and being able to see over the console. my install in retrospect was overkill and not at all pretty but it ain't going nowhere nowhay soon.
              91 17 standard[br]mt pleasant sc[br]115 yamaha[br]got mako?[br]


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                #1 Re think the sale of my angler.

                #2 Try to figure out how in the hell I can pay for another custom refit.

                #3 Go to Publix buy some food and a bottle of wine.

                #4 Call former girl friend (the red head that still likes me)

                #5 Think about it tomorrow



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                  Being that I just got my boat about three weeks ago...there alot more than 5 things that I need to do to get "DILLIGAF" to my standards of fishing.

                  1) Get the outriggers mounted to the T-Top

                  2) Update the electronics[]

                  3) Put in some tackle storage

                  4) Fix bow rail...its bent[V]

                  5) Fish like a CRAZED maniac[]

                  But that's the pleasures of being a boat owner right...getting to jack around with it to make it exactly how you want.
                  Capt. Highspeed[br]\"DILLIGAF\"[br]25 Outrage w/ 140 Johnson\'s[br]Matagorda, Tx