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Mako 228 battery location

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  • Mako 228 battery location

    Great site guys! It seems there is a wealth of knowledge on the forum.

    I have got a '86 228 and was thinking about moving the batteries from the storage area on the side of the transom more towards the front of the boat to reduce the weight at the rear of the boat. I am tired of getting wet feet in rough sea conditions. I have got the tackle station/sink/seat combo and was thinking about installing the batteries in the storage space under it or even putting them behind the lockers in the cuddy area. Both places seem to have drawbacks though. Cutting a hole under the tackle station and trying to route the cables could be hard and placing them in the cuddy would require beefing up the bottom of the lockers and also dealing with the possible fumes. Any suggestions or just deal with the occasional wet feet.

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    smellsfishy - One thing you need to consider is that the further your batteries get from the engine the longer you battery cables become. There are several thing here to seriously consider before making this move - the most inportant being the voltage drop as the cables get longer, which will mandate that the cables need to get larger in diameter, increasing the cost and weight of the cables. With this larger amount of cableing being exposed to the salt could make this cable less effective if not taken care of and routed through the right areas. Lastly you mentioned the fumes - which are by the normal process of how a battery stores energy, part hydrogen gas which when mixed with oxygen (normal AIR)is VERY explosive. If you also sleep in the cuddy, you may also object to the battery acid smell like rotten eggs.

    Hope this gets you thinking -

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      I would leave the batts were they are.Easy to get at and high&dry.I have a 1980 228 and repowered with a 30"long shaft Yamaha 225.The dealer put on a custom jack plate that sets the motor back 4"and up 6" then I filled most of the transom in .Works great and an inexpensive alternative to a bracket plus a full bracket puts your motor way out there making it very difficult to bring a large fish around the stern.
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        Thanks guys. I have pretty much decided to leave the batteries where they are. I can see drawbacks and potential problems with relocating them.