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1990 Mako 236 Inboad Weight

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  • 1990 Mako 236 Inboad Weight

    Buying a new trailer for a 1990 236 I/B that we just purchased and having some issues digging up the weight of the boat. On the Mako website they list the weight for the 1990 as well as the 1991 236 as 6800 lbs which seems incorrect. They list the '92, '89 and '88 236 as 3800 lbs which seems more reasonable. Can anyone confirm that the 236 inboard really is 3800 lbs?


    Ken Johnson

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    Ken, I don't have an accurate weight reading, however, I would say it is in the 5500lb range, loaded. It's one heavy boat! I have a 1979 236 and when I tow it, you can really feel it behind you. I have an older Cox Superloader trailer, but I replaced all the tires, rims, wiring, installed new brakes and lines on both axles, lights, rollers, etc. The only thing that is original is the frame. It holds the boat very well and stops pretty easily.
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      The weight from the factory was 3800 lbs. The web site is a type error. The fuel tanks add up to a little over 80 gallons, so that is another 500 lbs with fuel, then add any extra rigging.
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        for reference my 22' aquasport which is similar weighs 2400 factory hull weight add motor weight 800 pounds and fuel and i'm around 3,700

        go to and look it up