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  • Mako 231 help

    I am looking at purchasing a 1989 Mako 231 with a 92 Yamaha 200 and was looking for some input from owners past or present. I ran a 1995 251 for five years and was very happy with the boat. I will be using this boat for a family fishing boat and just wanted to hear any pros and cons.

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    I've got an 87'231. Perfect for fishing and family...once I got my wife and girls comfortable using a drywall bucket as a head!! Hard to find a better all around design. I am repowering mine this spring w/ a new 200 Yami..Have fun!!


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      I've got an 87 231 also but with a Suzuki 225. Couldn't be happier. The only con was the initial battery location in the bilge. First thing i did was move the batteries under the console, but that's a cheap fix. Rides great in all kinds of slop. I added some cushions to the front for the wife and guests
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        had an 89 231.. great hull 225 suzi. i ended up buying a hewes flats skiff- and sold the mako to my father and he still has it--just for info i then sold the hewes and got a bass rig and freshwater fished for 3 years then......... sold the bass rig and guess what? i'm now the prowd owner of another 89 mako!!!! GO FIGURE
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          Thanks guys. I am wondering how the ride is. Since the 251 I ran has a 23 degree deadrise and the 231 is 19 degrees I am wondering if the entry will be hard and jolting. Also has anyone closed the transom and added abracket to one of these?
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            HI Capn Mark,

            My 89 231 runs well in most sea conditions. It's not as soft on re-entry as say a 261, since it has a 19 degree deadrise and not the deeper 22 or 23 degrees of the larger Makos and its got a slightly more rounded keel, but it certainly isn't a bad, either. I can usually get a nice ride in most sea conditions playing with the engine trim and tabs. I run oversized tabs on the boat, so it responds real well to them. It's a good ride in anything but a steep head sea, but not too many boats are. In a chop it either cuts through it or rides on top, depending on how you run her. Mine has a 225 Opti and, personally, feel I would not want anything less on it. You might find the 200 to be a little doggy and probably will burn more fuel because you'll have to run it at higher RPMs to get a decent cruising speed.

            I've lived with mind for a long time and it's been a great boat. Lots of fishing room for a 23. Compare it to any of the modern Euro transom boats and it's got as much fishing room as most 25's! Very versatile, too.
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